Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin Does Trump in the Alien Apocalypse!

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Let's be real with ourselves for a minute: if anyone could bring on an actual apocalypse, like an honest to goodness, for real apocalypse, it would be Donald Trump, right?

His amount of power plus his amount of ignorance ... it's just not that hard to imagine.

And, according to this glorious skit Saturday Night Live aired last night, it could happen sooner than we think.

Yes, Alec Baldwin brought his half-hilarious, half-terrifying Trump impression back to SNL last night, and instead of poking fun at something ridiculous the president has already done, they looked to the future.

One year into the future, specifically, which is when they predict "aliens from the planet Zorblatt 9" will land on earth and kill us all.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump Again

An Army troop is gathered, determined to save the human race from the aliens, who are quickly destroying the world. But before they begin their mission, Trump has some words to share.

He rambles for a moment -- so true to real life, right? -- and someone asks him what they should do. Trump's response?

"We are going to bring coal back."

Is it funny or tragic? Then again, isn't that always the question?

Baldwin's Trump throws in an Arnold Schwarzenegger jab, a reference to "fake news," and he even manages to work in a racist joke!

Check out the possible future of our country in the video below:

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