Khloe Kardashian: New Evidence That O.J. Simpson Is Her Dad?

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O.J. Simpson is back in the news -- an old, buried interview even shows him revealing that he had an accomplice and giving what many believe to be a confession to killing Nicole and Ron.

In light of that, people who have long speculated that Khloe might be The Juice's daughter have been giving that theory a second look.

And they've noticed that Sydney Simpson, his daughter, looks an awful lot like Khloe. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

O. J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson went to prison. Not for the vicious murders that he allegedly committed and later sought to use to profit. Not for the years of alleged domestic violence that he inflicted upon Nicole Brown during their marriage.

No, O.J. went to prison for an armed robbery in a case that is truly bizarre. In the mean time, he missed out on the lives of his children.

(Which is honestly for the best, for their sakes)

His son Justin is 29 and currently a real estate agent.

His daughter Sydney is 32, attended Boston University, and graduated with a sociology degree.

And Khloe ... wait, no, Khloe isn't O.J.'s daughter.

Khloe Kardashian and Robert Kardashian, Throwback

(This throwback photo shows a young Khloe with the late Robert Kardashian)

Khloe has always been very adamant that Robert Kardashian is her father.

She's even gone so far as to commune with his spirit via Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry.

Some might say that this is evidence that she's definitely his biological daughter, though others have shot down that claim, because there' more to family than blood. 

(Plus, people are very divided over whether or not mediums are a real thing)

Kris Jenner has encouraged Khloe in the past to get a DNA test to shut down the rumors, but Khloe always felt that it would be insulting to everyone involved to even dignify the rumors by disproving them.

But ... some wonder if Khloe might have avoided the test because of nagging doubts.

O.J. Simpson, Sydney Simpson, Justin Simpson

With all of the where-are-they-now questions that people have been asking since O.J.'s release from prison, a number of people have looked at photos of Sydney -- when she was young and when she was an adult.

And they've pointed out what they believe to be strong physical resemblances to Khloe Kardashian.

Not just in the childhood photos, but as adults.

Some of those who have long believed that O.J. secretly fathered Khloe behind his friend Robert's back point to these similarities and say that the two women are actually sisters.

Well, half-sisters.

So ... are they?

O.J. Simpson Book Cover

Even O.J. Simpson himself has denied it.

O.J. ... who would seemingly have nothing to lose and everything to gain (seriously, it's not like anyone could think worse of him at this point, right?) ... denied that he's the grandfather of Khloe's baby.

Khloe, who is expecting a baby girl and just had an epic baby shower, isn't exactly on speaking terms with O.J. ... but he sent her some indirect congratulations anyway. 

Still, some of these theorists point out that O.J. might not know.

They point to the fact that, though known by most as a disgraced monster who got an acquittal due to social tensions and a botched prosecution, O.J. was once a beloved athlete to people who like sports.

He also appeared on commercials and even in a film.

They feel that it's very conceivable that a man who was once one of the biggest stars might have bedded -- and impregnated -- his best friend's wife.

And they see Sydney and Khloe's alleged similarities as "proof" that this happened.

O.J. Simpson Tells All, 2006

Take a look at these side-by-side images in the video below and decide for yourself if you think that Sydney and Khloe look like sisters.

Maybe they're right ... or maybe people who don't understand genetics are eager to "explain" why Khloe is taller than most of her siblings.

Clearly, Sydney hasn't had as much "help" with her appearance or figure as Khloe has, but there are plenty of photos of the "old" Khloe for comparison.

So ... are they sisters?

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