O.J. Simpson: I Totally Had an Accomplice if I Killed Nicole!

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Long before rumors were flying that Caitlyn Jenner might interview O.J. Simpson, O.J. did sit down for an explosive and controversial interview.

Remember his book, If I Did It? In 2006, he sat down for an interview about his hypothetical version of events of how his ex wife and Ron Goldman "might" have been brutally murdered.

O.J. Simpson Tells All, 2006

See the trailer below, and know that he reportedly slips into first person during the interview and confesses to the presence of an accomplice.

This is explosive stuff.

In his infamous murder trial, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the brutal murder of his ex, Nicole Brown, and of Ron Goldman.

He was, however, found legally responsible for their deaths in a civil trial -- which is why he owes Ron Goldman's father tens of millions of dollars.

Even that fortune could never replace a beloved son who, at the wrong place at the wrong time, fell at the hands of a depraved killer.

O.J. Simpson Book Cover

Though O.J.'s acquittal essentially protects him from ever facing justice for the shocking double-homicide, he hasn't actually confessed to it.

But he did write a book that ... was very similar to a confession.

If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer is an infamous book that, well, had its official release canceled because the idea of an alleged murderer profiting from the sale of a "hypothetical" confession is sickening to many.

400,000 physical copies of the book were printed and, by 2007, some of those had leaked online. Because of course they did.

The concept behind the book was that O.J. Simpson (well, really a ghostwriter) explains, in purely hypothetical terms, how the double-murder "might" have gone down.

O. J. Simpson

Morally repugnant? Absolutely. But that's not a confession.

Apparently his interview, filmed in 2006 and suppressed for over a decade, tells a different story.

You can watch the haunting trailer for it below. First, however, you should hear what the actual interview apparently admits.

TMZ reveals that O.J. Simpson confessed to Judith Regan in the 2006 interview.

According to their sources, O.J. Simpson discusses the murders in the third person, as you'd expect for that sort of program.

But he apparently lapses into the first person. 

Orenthal James Simpson

That takes this from a hypothetical discussion into what many feel qualifies as a more direct confession.

And one detail that O.J. apparently discusses in the interview is truly haunting:

He describes the presence of an accomplice at the murder.

This would be confirmation of something that many have long suspected.

A commonly held theory is that O.J. went to Nicole's house -- with a friend -- to stalk and frighten her, and that he may have intended to slash her tires.

Old J. Simpson

(Police records indicate that O.J. Simpson had been abusive during his marriage to Nicole, and it is not uncommon for abusers to continue to be a danger to their victims after a breakup)

It's believed that he would have seen Nicole through the window, lighting candles as if preparing for a date or romantic encounter.

Many believe that upon Ron Goldman's arrival with a pair of sunglasses that she had accidentally left behind, O.J. Simpson snapped and brutally murdered them both.

The recorded confession apparently paints a similar picture, in O.J.'s own words, of a confrontation with Ron Goldman that sent Nicole Brown running outside to investigate what was going on.

It is said that O.J. claims, however, that he blacked out before the actual murders.


OJ Book Cover

The interview will air on March 11th.

Why now? Well, whatever pressure kept the interview buried in 2006 has clearly relented.

And O.J. Simpson was released from prison and is walking around as a free man.

Many feel that he, and any alleged confessions that he may have made, are more relevant now that they've been for many years.

It's anyone's guess as to what O.J. says or does not say will be true, but it sure will be interesting to watch.

Even this ad sends chills up your spine:

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