Khloe Kardashian: See All the Photos from Her ADORABLE Baby Shower!

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Say what you will about the Kardashians, but one thing is for sure ...

Those ladies sure know how to throw a hell of a baby shower.

And even though the family has welcomed a good few babies recently, they still managed to go all out for Khloe, who's expecting her first child with Tristan Thompson next month.

There are flowers, animals made of flowers, more flowers -- it's all just really, really beautiful.

So let's check out the pictures!

1. The Mom-to-Be Herself!

The Mom-to-Be Herself!
Khloe posed for this photo with Kourtney, and just look how big and cute her bump is! Just look at it!


Another photo with Khloe and Kourtney in front of those beautiful decorations -- and it looks like a blurry Penelope worked her way into the shot, too!

3. So Much Pink!

So Much Pink!
Kourtney shared several shots of those decorations, because she's a good person. Here you can see just how pretty this party was!

4. Elephants!

She also showed us this preciousness, which looks like a mama elephant and a baby elephant made of shrubs and flowers? Whatever, we're into it.

5. Fancy

And here's a closer look at those place settings. It looks like the theme was pink/African animals, and we're pretty much living for it.

6. Food!

And while we're talking about the plate settings, we might as well talk about the food -- here's the menu given to the guests.

7. Baby Thompson

Baby Thompson
It's so cute. Everything is just so, so cute.

8. Perfection

See what we meant about the Kardashians knowing how to throw a baby shower? Who even thinks of this stuff? And how do we get animals made out of plants at our next party/

9. Unicorns!

Oh, and since Khloe is a literal angel, she had these three unicorn cakes made for three of her friends who happened to be celebrating birthdays on the same day as her shower. How sweet is that?

10. Sisters!

Kylie shared this photo of herself with Kendall, Khloe, and Kourtney -- Kim didn't seem to be in attendance, and Rob never is, but this is cute!

11. Dang!

Real quick, speaking of Kylie, she also shared this photo with her bestie Jordyn while they were getting ready for the party. And remember, she had a baby five weeks ago.

12. M.J.!

M.J., Kris Jenner's mother and beautiful, stylish grandma to the Kardashians, came ready to party. Kendall posted this photo, and her "legend" caption seems pretty accurate.

13. Killing It

Killing It
It looks like M.J. is doing one of those baby shower games here, something with a lipstick or a marker and a mirror, but can we just point out that she is 83 years old?

14. Oh Hey Maria

Oh Hey Maria
Maria Menounos also showed up to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Thompson.

15. Photo Booth!

Photo Booth!
So did Jen Atkin, Khloe's longtime friend and hairstylist -- and here's proof that the Kardashians are unable to have a celebration without a photo booth!

16. Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love
Kendall and Kylie took time for a goofy selfie, always sweet to see.

17. Friendship is Magic

Friendship is Magic
Here's Khloe with a bunch of friends, but if you can't see anything past that big ol' bump, we understand! Because LOOK HOW CUTE!

18. Oh, Kris

Oh, Kris
Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills was in attendance, and she shared this photo of Kris giving a speech at some point during the festivities. And of course she got emotional, bless her.

19. SAME

See you soon, Baby Thompson!

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