Little People, Big World Return Date: Announced by TLC!!!

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It's happening!

The long-anticipated new season of Little People, Big World has been announced -- complete with a premiere date.

Watch the trailer below for a preview of all of the wonderful glimpses at the Roloff family that we're about to get.

Matt Roloff Kisses Caryn Chandler

New episodes of Little People, Big World premiere on TLC on April 3rd. That's in just a few weeks, folks.

Some fans might think that everything's been covered by social media, since we can even track baby Ember Jean's milestones online.

But the cameras will allow fans of the Roloffs to glimpse parts of their lives that they certainly never advertised on Instagram.

Season 13 looks like it's going to focus a lot on how things are changing for the Roloff family as it grows -- with baby Jackson and baby Ember -- and as various members of the family worry that they're growing apart.

Also, there is a lot of kissing at the beginning of the trailer.

Sadly, certain fans are likely to jeer at Amy Roloff's relationship while cheering for Matt's. Double-standards are unkind.

Amy Roloff Kisses Chris Marek

Amy Roloff confesses to the cameras during the trailer.

"My life has changed. The family is going separate ways and in different connections."

In the mean time, Matt Roloff hopes that the grandbabies Jackson and Ember Jean will help to keep the family connected.

The Roloff family patriarch does admit, however, that this may just be "wishful thinking."

Still, he sounds optimistic as he says that "We'll see what happens."

It's hard to be anything but optimistic when you're looking at a face this cute.

Jackson Roloff in the Season 13 Trailer

Viewers will also get to see more of Auj and Jer (Audrey and Jeremy Roloff) and their pregnancy story.

Remember, Audrey wanted to give birth without painkillers, which results in a very painful childbirth. Obviously.

"Labor has begun," Jeremy tells the camera.

TLC's cameras were in the hospital, and it appears that viewers will even get to hear Ember Jean's first cries.

Certainly, both parents will talk about how much joy they felt welcoming their daughter into the world.

Jeremy Roloff Gets a "Hug" From Ember Jean

Jeremy and his brother Zach both talk about the difficulties of becoming a parent.

Zach talks about how being a parent is terrifying, and acknowledges that "sleep deprivation is a thing."

It sure is.

Jeremy, of course, speaks about the difficult weeks following Ember's birth.

Audrey's spoken of breastfeeding struggles due to mastitis, and viewers are going to learn a lot more about Ember's struggle to gain weight.

Doctors even recommended surgery to correct Ember's jaw, as Ember was having trouble latching on to breastfeed.

Amy Roloff in Season 13

And yes, on top of kissing, there are relationship issues. Amy and Chris laugh off breakup rumors online, but it looks like Amy is clashing with Caryn Chandler. 

With the family possibly growing apart in some ways as people move to different stages of their lives, it looks like Matt is proposing to Amy that they amend their divorce agreement.

Specifically, it looks like he wants to boot her from Roloff farms.

Amy, however, does not intend to go anywhere.

Season 13 is sure to be a dramatic one.

Take a look!

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