Kendra Wilkinson Shoots Topless Video for Hugh Hefner's 90th Birthday

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For Hugh Hefner's 90th birthday, his former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson wanted to do something classy.

After all, Hef's married to Crystal Harris now, and Kendra is a wife and mother of two herself.

"I want this video to be fun, but I don't want it to go over the top because I'm a wife, Hef is married now, so, you know, it just has to be nice and tasteful," she says in a clip from Kendra On Top.

Her sophisticated solution?

A topless hot tub extravaganza!

In the clip, Kendra and some former Playboy bunnies shoot a video birthday card for Hefner, and it's exactly what you'd expect.

"Hef, it's your 90th birthday, so we are here to fulfill all your fantasies," Kendra says to camera.

At this stage, the mogul's fantasies likely center around an electric blanket and a tube of Bengay, but that wouldn't give Kendra an excuse to get into a bathing suit.

"So follow us... into the hot tub," she adds with a sultry whisper.


Seriously, I thought I was watching a deleted scene from Boogie Nights.

The women sit on the edge of the hot tub in ass-eating bikinis while holding flutes of champagne as they bicker about logistics.

But when the video guy reminds them he's on the clock, Kendra finally shouts "We love you!" and the ladies take off their tops and let out a half-hearted "Woooo!"

At this point, we imagine Hef is already asleep on the davenport, but hey, Kendra got some footage for her show.

Watch the class unfold below:

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