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Scott Disick will bond with Caitlyn Jenner on this Sunday’s all-new episode of I Am Cait.

Even though Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy and Kourtney Kardashian’s step-daddy have had their issues over the years, we see in the following sneak peek that they are getting along quite well these days.

It starts with Disick giving Caitlyn a hand with a household irritation, as the transgender star’s smoke detectors won’t stop beeping.

Until Scott comes to the rescue, that is.

Later on, Disick is asked whether or not he sees a change in Caitlyn and replies in the strong affirmative.

“I see a dramatic change, and not visually so much, but really just emotionally," he says, adding:

"I mean, I really believe when Caitlyn was Bruce, he was really shut off and angry and just wasn’t happy.”

And now?

"And now that she can be who she really wants to be, it’s a whole different person and I feel a real connection," Scott explains.

Tune in to watch I Am Cait online or on your television next week to see how far these two have come in their relationship.

And check out the following clip now: