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At least now we know why Kendra Wilkinson has been trashing Holly Madison with such vitriol over the past few weeks:

She was trying to distract the public from the release of her music video.

Yes, Kendra Wilkinson now has a music video. For real. We’re not lying. It actually exists.

Kendra Wilkinson as an Alien

We tried to warn readers about this impending sign of the Apocalypse a couple weeks ago, after Kendra released photos from what appeared to be a music video shoot.

They featured her on a set that included robots and aliens and decked out like some kind of astronaut and… yup. It’s true.

Our nightmare has now become a reality.

Kendra Wilkinson Gets

"Like, I’m not really a singer, so I can’t make up with my voice. I’m kind of a rapper, so what do I do?" she recently told Us Weekly of this creation.

"I’m creating my own genre. It’s like pop mixed with rap, mixed with a little bit of EDM. So it’s kind of like in that mix."

In the "Lost in Space" video, Kendra wears green makeup at one point. She grinds with a robot at another point.

She does The Robot dance while standing alongside a robot at another point. It really all must be seen to be believed.

Kendra Wilkinson Music Video Pic

At various points, Kendra inserts herself into the former television show, Lost in Space, acting as if the characters are reacting to her weird dance moves.

Kendra Music Video Still

Really, we can’t emphasize strongly enough just how weird this music video is.

It’s a better way to spend her time that taking it from a very old man in Hugh Hefner, but not by all that much, to be honest.

Feast your eyes on the trainwreck below and wonder: Could this be so bad that it’s actually good?!?

No? We didn’t think so, either…