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Just when we thought the feud between Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison was beginning to cool down, Kendra went on the offensive in a big way with one of her mist scathing takedowns to date.

Kendra n' Holly

For those who haven’t been keeping up with this battle of the blondes, allow us to bring you up to speed:

It all started when Holly told People magazine that she lived in fear during her time at the Playboy mansion

Kendra shot back with a series of burns that were primarily focused on Holly taking it up the butt.

"Holly’s job was to get Hef hard again and clean him up with her mouth," Wilkinson tweeted. "That bitch is in fear now.

"She wasn’t in fear with that d–k in her ass for a paycheck." 

Earlier today, Kendra issued an apology, but stood by her remarks.

It looked like the ongoing cold war between Wilkinson and Madison had reached another temporary detente, but then Kendra fird more shots in her own interview with People:

"She is the freakiest freak in the bedroom," Kendra said of Holly, adding that Wilkinson’s sole ambition was to get pregnant with Hef’s baby so that she would be on easy street for the rest of her life.

"She could have, like, stuck it up the right hole for her to get pregnant. But she didn’t. She was the clean-up crew."

Yes, she’s going back to the butt stuff well. Not a well you want to drink out of.

Asked why she believes Madison has avoided confrontation with her, Kendra replied that her former Girls Next Door co-star is worried about being forced to answer for baseless claims she made in her memoir:

"She’s scared," Wilkinson said bluntly. "There are so many things in that book that are fake and false. She’s scared of getting called out." 

Harsh. Sounds like it’s Holly’s turn to fire back.

Although if Kendra is gonna keep carpet-bombing her like this, it might be wise to just surrender.