Kendra On Top Sneak Peek: Kendra Wilkinson Betrayed by Her Mother!

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Kendra Wilkinson announced that she's a "horny motherf---er," speaking openly about her sex life and masturbatory habits, so you might think that this is a woman with no secrets.

But everybody has some things that they want kept private. Just like no one, Kendra included, wants their mother to write a tell-all book about them. For a few blissful moments, it looked like Kendra's mother was going to choose family over writing her book.

Clearly, as you'll see in the Kendra On Top sneak peek below, that is not the case.

Kendra Wilkinson, No Makeup Photo

Patti Wilkinson has been threatening to tell the world about Hank Baskett's alleged affair for ages ... even though we kind of know everything already, right?

That's a garbage way for a mother to behave, but we never thought much of Kendra's mom to begin with.

Naturally, Kendra wants her mom to stop talking about her in public.

It was less than a week ago that a Kendra On Top clip made it really sound like Patti had decided to back off.

Because Patti told Hank Baskett directly that she was no longer planning to write the book.

Of course, when Kendra asked Hank if he believed Patti when she said that ... Hank said that he did not.

Smart man.

Kendra Wilkinson Misses Hank Baskett

So, in this Kendra On Top sneak peek clip that we have for you below, Colin receives a package.

Colin, as you may remember, is Kendra Wilkinson's brother.

Their relationship has had its ups and downs and they've even been estranged from each other.

But Colin and Kendra are clearly in agreement that Patti should not write a tell-all book about her family.

That could only hurt them and their relationships with each other, right?

Kendra Wilkinson in Red

The package -- which contains the first chapter from the book that Patti had promised that she wasn't going to write -- comes by way of Patti's friend, Pattie.

Yes, Patti's friend is named Pattie. With an E.

Life is confusing as hell.

Anyway, it's pretty clear that Pattie With An E has been encouraging Patti to defy her children's wishes and write, because it'll let her "tell her story" for some sort of weird life-fulfillment purpose or something.

Translation: Kendra's fame as a celebrity and the promise of exposing details about Kendra's life would help Patti's book sell well.

(It's possible that Pattie With An E or even Patti herself believe that this is important for her personal life journey or whatever, but is that really more important than her children?)

And Patti's gone ahead and written the first chapter, which Pattie With An E says is about Kendra and Colin's father.

As you can imagine, Colin isn't too thrilled.

In fact, he feels positively betrayed.

Sounds like the nasty mama drama is living up to its promise, huh?

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson, Cuddling

We all know what Kendra Wilkinson is like, and we know her ... somewhat volatile emotional state.

(We're not trying to be mean, but Kendra goes off)

Colin is clearly pissed that his mom is going ahead with the book.

Especially after she'd told Hank that she wasn't.

We can only imagine how Kendra is going to respond to this latest betrayal.

And that's what makes this such an effective teaser.

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