Chelsea Houska: See the Most ADORABLE Moment Between Aubree and Cole DeBoer!

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If you watch Teen Mom, chances are you really, really love your trashy reality television -- and hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

Most people can't look away from a good train wreck, and, for the most part, that's what Teen Mom is.

The Teen Mom 2 Cast Reunion Pic!

But in between all the relentless drama, between Jenelle Evans having meltdowns and Farrah Abraham yelling at literally every person she comes across, it's good to have a palate cleanser.

You know, a cute moment, something to lighten the mood.

And Chelsea Houska's life has become the sweetest palate cleanser there is.

Sure, she's still got some Adam Lind drama, but we don't see as much of it as we used to on Teen Mom 2.

These days, it's pretty much just baby stuff, sweet scenes with Aubree, and Chelsea and Cole being #relationshipgoals all day long.

Chelsea Houska and Family in Florida

If you're not quite sure what we mean, just check out this new sneak peek for Monday's episode.

In the clip, which is seriously so very, very precious, Aubree and Cole are hanging out while Chelsea tends to little baby Watson.

They decide to make some ghost spray, or as Cole calls it, "Aubree's Powerful, Butt-Kickin' Ghost Spray."

He helps her make the label and mix the formula -- it looks like the ghost spray consists of mostly glitter -- and then instructs her to spray him once "so I can have protection."

Yes, Cole, a grown man, lets Aubree spray him with glitter.

Cole DeBoer and Aubree Lind

The love must be so real.

She then uses some of the spray on Chelsea -- just her legs though, since she's feeding Watson -- and she also squirts some around the living room.

When she's done, she gives Cole a hug as he congratulates her on a job well done.

And just like the Grinch, our hearts grew three sizes by watching this.

So go on, treat yourself by watching the extremely darling video below:

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