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Yesterday, Kendall Jenner called herself a nerd in a blog post on her website, but we don’t know how many nerds are getting it on nearly naked with two hot dudes on camera.

In a new ad for Calvin Klein, Kendall and two Ken dolls clad in tight underwear appear to be stretching in preparation for a devil’s three-way.

Hey! Do you see what we did there? Kendall… Ken doll. Sound it out, you’ll get it.

But then, in an unexpected twist, the boys engage in a little light homoerotic wrestling as Kendall watches, and it almost appears as though she’s about to grab some Doritos and enjoy the show.

However, because Kendall must get involved somewhere (as she’s, ya know, the big name here) she gets thrown in the middle and the two twinks actually seem a little disappointed.

Like, excuse us, where did this WOMAN come from?


It’s almost as though CK wanted to do something kinda gay, but not so gay as to piss off middle America. The solution? Toss in pretty, skinny Kendall Jenner as an afterthought.

Don’t get us wrong, all three look damn good in their Calvins, so maybe if we wear them we’ll get magic, six-pack abs, too.

But we’re not sure who their audience is. Gay men? Nah. Straight women? Mayyybe? The gender fluid community? Let’s ask Miley Cyrus.

We vote for a sexy Kendall-Justin Bieber pairing in a reboot of the Kate Moss-Marky Mark ads of the 90s.