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Kellyanne Conway is back to doing what Kellyanne Conway does best: letting words fall out of her mouth with little to no thought as to what they actually mean.

It’s starting to feel like home, isn’t it?It’

This time, we’re talking about a little sit-down interview Kellyanne did yesterday morning at CPAC.

An interview in which she discussed her absolute hatred for feminism.

See, Kellyanne refuses to call herself a feminist, and that’s fine, obviously. She can call herself whatever she wants, she can believe whatever she wants — this is America and all that.

Kellyanne Conway Photo
Photo via 2016 Getty Images

But the weird thing about her stance is the way she doesn’t seem to understand anything about feminism.

In the interview, she says that she doesn’t call herself a feminist because feminism as a movement is "very anti-male" and "certainly very pro-abortion."

She also made a confusing statement about how protests like last month’s Women’s March are about women who "just have a problem with women in power."

So according to Kellyane, feminists hate men, love abortions — they aren’t pro-choice, they specifically love abortions — and even though many of them supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they take issue with women in power.


Bizarrely enough, she then went on to advise women to demand equal pay in the workplace — but sure, to hell with feminism, right?

Watch Kellyanne’s ridiculous interview below: