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That Amy Duggar can sure pack a lot of drama into a day, huh?

We’ve been talking about her a lot lately: she’s on Marriage Boot Camp with her husband, Dillon King, and while they have a boatload of issues of their own, Amy has also been opening up about her rough childhood.

She’s told stories about abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, and it’s just been so sad and upsetting to hear.

But while she’s got plenty of family problems, and plenty of marriage problems, it looks like she’s tacking a few more onto the list.

Yep, she’s somehow managed to cross her fellow Marriage Boot Camp attendee, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano.

Amy King Pic

In this new sneak peek, we see that Renee’s boyfriend Joe has been flirting with Amy, blowing her kisses and who knows what else.

He tries to have a conversation with Amy about it, but Renee sees him talking to her. And she loses her dang mind.

"End the conversation," Renee yells at them, but of course things don’t wrap up that easily.

Joe and Renee get into a screaming match, and Amy looks extremely uncomfortable. She even apologizes to Renee at one point, but Joe tells her that’s unnecessary.

But then Renee turns on Amy. And it is scary.

Watch the fight go down in the video below: