Vicki Gunvalson Frickin' SCREAMS Obscenities, Loses Her Ish at RHOC Reunion!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County just dropped a two-minute trailer for the Season 14 Reunion special event, and boy is this shaping up to be a doozy.

If anyone thought that Vicki Gunvalson had been canceled, or just too boring to have earned back her orange for Season 15, they're about to change their tune.

The Reunion dives into Emily's marriage - and Shane is even there, if grudgingly.

Gina's extremely serious personal problems come up, moving her to tears.

Vicki gets into conflict with Braunwyn, of all people, but don't worry -- she and Kelly are as contentious as ever.

But Vicki also goes off on an unhinged, rambling rant, and begins to lash out and scream at producers and the camera crew.

Take a look at our summary and then watch the trailer for yourself, below!

1. It's Reunion time!

It's Reunion time!
Bravo has released a trailer for the The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion special. 14 is a lot of seasons and a lot of Reunions, but tensions haven't died down one bit.

2. It's happening!

It's happening!
The Reunion special was filmed weeks go, of course, but still a considerable amount of time after the main season was recorded. Time for a lot to change. Time for grudges to die down ... or blow up in everyone's faces.

3. First, the ladies arrive backstage

First, the ladies arrive backstage
Gina makes comments about guessing whose room is whose by dresses. Emily arrives with a walker because she's still recovering from hip surgery. Kelly declares that Tamra is a snake. And Vicki tries earnestly to get Andy Cohen to look at her surgical scars and his is DESPERATE to not have to see those.

4. Then, the drama begins

Then, the drama begins
This is Braunwyn's first Reunion, and she had confessed backstage to feeling nervous. On stage, she reminds Vicki that it's not "her" show.

5. The OG does NOT like hearing that

The OG does NOT like hearing that
"Oh yes, Braunwyn," Vicki says in what sounds like a muppet voice. This is not the last time that Vicki will insist that The Real Housewives of Orange County belongs to her on the grounds that she is the OG of the OC.

6. Everybody has a beef

Everybody has a beef
Kelly Dodd is continuing to face off against the Tres Amigas, obviously. During the times when Vicki is not on stage, it's the Dos Amigas who are sharing a couch with Gina. We see Kelly and Shannon laying into each other with poor Andy caught in between.

7. Emily's marriage comes up

Emily's marriage comes up
Fans and viewers have been absolutely disgusted with Shane's behavior all season, and Emily's insistence that she hsees another side of him or that he's really stepped up since her hip replacement surgery have not convinced everyone. On stage, Emily admits that she and Shane discussed divorce, though we're sure that the clip is taken out of context.

8. Vicki's face journey continues

Vicki's face journey continues
Vicki is fed up with the "pig" insults (honestly, we all are), and confronts Kelly, asking if she considers herself to be a 'beauty queen." Kelly says that she's way better looking than Vicki, which prompts this incredulous expression -- or it appears to. Trailers are heavily edited.

9. Gina has some serious real-life drama

Gina has some serious real-life drama
Backstage, we see her preparing herself to discuss some heavy, life-changing topics -- like what happened on June 22 that led to her ex-husband, Matt, being arrested. Reports accuse Matt of showing up at night and striking, pushing, dragging, and threatening the life of Gina while their children slept in the same house.

10. Gina and Emily have some hard feelings

Gina and Emily have some hard feelings
Gina has really felt that Emily was not there for her when she needed her as she's gone through her divorce and this trauma in June in particular.

11. Andy of course brings up Matt's arrest

Andy of course brings up Matt's arrest
You can see Gina, who is doubtless still traumatized by the horror of that experience, in tears as she speaks on stage.

12. A quick side note

A quick side note
Doesn't Tamra Judge look SO much like Meghan King Edmonds at this moment? Different occassions warrant different makeup, but we had to pause and do a double-take.

13. But yes, it's Tamra

But yes, it's Tamra
Tamra isn't really at the center of drama in this trailer, but that doesn't mean that she won't be wading into conflict during the actual Reunion.

14. Kelly is still fuming

Kelly is still fuming
She continues to lay into anyone who gets in her way ... which at times seems to be anyone who isn't Emily and Braunwyn.

15. Will the Reunion test their alliance?

Will the Reunion test their alliance?
Rumors have claimed that Kelly and Vicki reached some kind of accord at the Reunion, but ... that's really hard to believe.

16. Vicki storms off of the set

Vicki storms off of the set
At one point, we see Vicki fully dressed and yelling in the dark. She sounds a little nuts, proclaiming: "Stop the cameras! This is about my job, my career, and my show that I started 15 years ago!"

17. It gets worse

It gets worse
Backstage in her dressing room, we see Vicki pacing back and forth, ranting and raving. She's saying something about Braunwyn, but she's mostly just venting her fury.

18. And then ...

And then ...
Vicki suddenly spies the camera watching her, realizing that her very unseemly rant is being recorded for posterity. When you sign on to a reality show, it means that they get to film you almost everywhere during designated times. That includes when you're rambling like a lunatic backstage.

19. Vicki flips the eff out

Vicki flips the eff out
"Really?!" she exclaims viciously. "F--K OFF!" she screams at the producer, slamming the door. Honestly, doesn't this frame look like a poster for a horror film? If so, Vicki would be the monster.

20. Here's the full trailer!

Two minutes of trailer can squeeze in a lot, but we know that the Reunion will have a whole lot more in store.

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