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Lisa Ann wields some fierce bargaining power.

Earlier this year, the adult film star claimed that Kanye West sent her a vast portfolio of dick pics, and now she’s revealing her plans for them.

Speaking on the Sam Roberts Show, Ann told the host that once she croaks, the photos become public.

“I have a very nice celebrity folder of c*ck shots," she revealed.

"And every year, when I do my corporate taxes with my tax attorney, I update my will," she continued.

"So, when I die, the sh*t’s gonna hit the fan."

The actress, who has starred in more than 500 adult films, implied that she has received death threats and intends to hold the pics as ransom to ensure her safety.

“I’m hoping that this helps keep me alive,” she explained.

"Because some people may not want to admit they’ve sent unwarranted dick pics.”

Ann first announced she had the pics of Kanye’s man meat after he insulted his ex Amber Rose during his epic Twitter rant of January 2016.

When Kanye told Wiz Khalifa he "let a stripper trap" him, referring to Rose, Ann called out Yeezy for slut-shaming and revealed her big secret.

"I will spend the night organizing old emails from kanye, including the amazing cock shots he sent unwarranted. all strippers rejoice! LOL," Ann tweeted.

According to Ann, Yeezy sent the salami grams unsolicited after fellow porn star Sarah Jay introduced them via text.

Despite receiving the disturbing photos, she says she agreed to meet Kanye at a concert in 2011, but was cock blocked by Kim Kardashian.

"After the concert, Sarah Jay was going to introduce me to Kanye, and that was the concert that Kim came to," she revealed.

This was the first time Kanye and Kim "clicked" romantically, says Ann, and the rapper ultimately chose the more famous porn star and she never heard from him again.

At least she has something to remember him by.