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At one of his absurd campaign rallies, Kanye West rambled about abortion and Harriet Tubman. It did not go over well.

Now, he is doubling down on some of those statements, and describing how Kim held "pills" in her hand before deciding to have North.

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"There’s some harsh facts that deal with the Black genocide that is abortion," Kanye claims in an interview with Nick Cannon, of all people.

"And," he adds, "it’s happening every day."

"Right now, God is giving me the information," Kanye says, claiming that him speaking on this topic is divine will.

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Kanye also places the blame on God, and not on his own bad behavior, for charging up at the 2009 VMAs to interrupt Taylor Swift.

He goes on to explain naming his political party "The Birthday Party," which Nick Cannon chooses to call a "genius" decision.

"The connection point to The Birthday Party," Kanye says, "is dealing with life. And pro-life."

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Kanye attempts to explain: "Because these are kids that are now going to have a chance to have birthdays."

He claims that "because of South Carolina, there are people who have decided to have the child."

Kanye, who famously cried on stage after making unhinged comments in South Carolina, does not provide any evidence or examples of this alleged effect.

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"They never saw anyone in my position take that position," Kanye says with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

(Fact check: many wealthy men with political ambitions have made telling women what to do with their own bodies a central part of their platform)

Referring to his own daughter, North, Kanye comments: "Look at this, this is a 7-year-old right here, and she … she might have never made it."

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"My father made me apologize to him for bringing this up publicly," Kanye reveals, referring to Ray West.

First of all, Kanye is a grown man who does not have to apologize to his father, but he does seem to think that family ties are central to society.

Second of all, Kanye does owe real apologies for that — to Kim and, most of all, to North. Mental illness does explain his comments, but he should still apologize.

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"The abortion culture teaches that a child isn’t a real soul," Kanye claims.

We think that he means a fetus when he says "child."

There is also no such thing as "abortion culture," but if there were, belief regarding things like "souls" would be considered personal.

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"And it was my wife that said ‘this is a soul,’" Kanye recalls.

"And," he claims, "the scariest thing is … she had the pills. … She had the pills in her hand."

Continuing to speak erratically, Kanye then insists that he as a man has every right to insert his opinion into discussions about abortion.

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We must once again emphasize that Kanye is a deeply unwell man.

He has in other interview expressed conspiratorial beliefs that he was given stabilizing meds to "silence" him and make him "fat on purpose."

That said, we need to also recognize that, though there is some overlap in Kanye’s case, mental illness is not the same thing as choosing to be a bad person.

Hello There, Wife

Kanye has both. He has his opinions — that other people’s rights and bodily autonomies should be limited according to his beliefs.

He is also unmedicated, which means that he does not filter his words — from bad opinions to statements that could hurt his family — as he otherwise might.

We continue to hope that Kanye gets the help that he needs, even if we know that this will not solve the whole problem.