Big Ed Brown: Filming Again For 90 Day Fiance! He's Baaack!

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Last spring, it was starting to look like Big Ed Brown would be banned from 90 Day Fiance.

But ratings talk louder than creepiness as far as TLC is concerned, because Big Ed is back.

Big Ed Brown Speaks on B90 Strikes Back

As you can see in the video clip that we have included, Big Ed was spotted sitting down to a meal alongside another woman.

While it's an odd scene to those of us who haven't sat down in or near a restaurant since early March, that's not all.

The video, recorded on a phone, shows multiple cameras and a small production team around Big Ed and his unfortunate date.

Ed Brown filmed eating with mystery woman

Big Ed may not have personally announced what he's doing, and neither has TLC.

But what Ed has done is use his Instagram Stories to share a bunch of "sightings" of him being followed by cameras.

It is clear that he, at least, is fine with people knowing that he's filming again, even if TLC is still keeping the project under wraps.

Big Ed Brown Offers a Nervous Apology

What is not clear is which spinoff this may be. Some are speculating that his viral fame landed him his own spinoff.

Both The Family Chantel and Darcey & Stacey were only created after the stars had been on multiple seasons of the franchise.

Additionally, both shows feature larger casts of familiar faces. Chantel and Pedro's families. The Silva family.

Big Ed Brown Photo

You can see why TLC might want him back, especially after his segments on B90 Strikes Back.

He is popular. Many people manage to find him charming.

Ed is also present in many memes -- some of which are created and shared by people who have never watched 90 Day Fiance in their lives.

Rosemarie Vega Sits While Big Ed Brown Walks Away Crying

And you can see why TLC would want to film him dating again.

He says something self-deprecating or foolish, his date laughs, she notices that her sandwich didn't come with mayo, he thoughtfully squeezes some out of his hair.

Even Rosemarie Vega, who knows better than most what sort of man Ed really is, has openly laughed at his antics.

Big Ed Brown Claims to Have the Receipts

We can also understand that, beyond just ratings, TLC would want to keep Ed under contract.

His star power may be undeserved, but there is no denying its potential impact.

The last thing that TLC wants is to lose Big Ed to another network and see him ascend to must-watch stardom.

Ed Brown Speaks His Mind

Technically, without official confirmation, we cannot exactly confirm that Ed is filming for 90 Day Fiance.

But it does seem like a fair conclusion to draw.

That does not mean that everyone will be happy about it.

lordakeet accuses ed brown 01

Ed Brown has been accused of sexual misconduct.

That is not something that any of us can simply ignore or write off, even if you enjoyed Ed's season.

It is not surprising that TLC would have him back. This is the same network that has employed men like Geoffrey Paschel and Jim Bob Duggar.

Rosemarie Vega Cries

Even those who have only followed Big Ed's behavior on-screen take issue with his return.

He interrogated Rose about her sexual history, demanded that she take an STI test when he would not take one, shamed her for her leg hair and falsely shamed her dental hygiene.

Worst of all, he lied to her for months about his intentions, wasting her time when he knew that she wanted more kids and he wanted a vasectomy.

Rosemarie Vega Feels Disgusted

But it looks like his time in the spotlight will continue.

We hope that, this time, Ed can be honest with his date.

We hope that he will also behave more appropriately when talking to minors on Instagram ... and stay out of Juliana Custodio's DMs. Creep.

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