Justin Bieber PUNCHES Fan in Barcelona

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It's been awhile since we've had a Justin Bieber assault story, hasn't it?

In this case, however, the singer can perhaps be forgiven for his actions.

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In footage captured by cameras in Barcelona, Spain, Bieber was in the backseat of a car on Tuesday, just chilling out on his way to a concert.

Many people had lined the street in order to wave to the singer and scream his name, but one idiotic fan took his passion to another level.

He ran up to the vehicle as it slowed down and he actually stuck his hand inside the window.

Based on the video below, it's clear that Bieber didn't waste a moment in responding: HE PUNCHED THE DUDE RIGHT IN THE FACE!

You can see the bloody aftermath in the following footage and you can ask yourself: was Justin justified in his actions?

The artist has flashed his violent temper at times in the past, such as when he hit a paparazzo in Paris a couple years ago.

But that was an example of Bieber being a spoiled brat, of simply being upset that someone dared to snap a photo of him.

THIS? This is more along the lines of self-defense.

Watch and see if you agree:

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