June Shannon Forced to Take Drug Test on Camera: Get Clean or GTFO, Family Says!

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Mama June: Family Crisis already showed fans her family's shock and worry after June Shannon's life began falling apart at the seams.

In a new sneak peek, June is subjected to a drug test ... and she herself admits that she doesn't know what the results will be.

June Shannon is Suffering

This teaser for Friday's Mama June: Family Crisis packs a tremendous amount of tension into a very short video.

Last week, after wasting a lot of time with Jennifer Lamb reveling in her role as series villain, we saw June.

Mostly, she was just riding with producers and looking consideably worse for wear.

Now, people are still worried about her disheveled appearance and missing tooth ... but there are greater concerns.

Lauryn Shannon Lays Down the Law

Mama June Shannon knows that if she wants to get back into her family's good graces, she cannot be on drugs.

She's not herself when she's on drugs -- she has sold off her belongings along with her family's property, without warning.

Her reckless choices have caused her to lose her family and her home, selling it for well below its actual value.

Family Crisis - June Shannon arrives to get tested

If they are ever going to trust her again, she must prove that she is clean.

Mama June arrives and tensions are running high.

Lauryn has a lot of worries and expectations.

For all of her talk of being angry with June, well, that anger is genuine but she loves and misses her mom.

June Shannon is Embarrassed

She's missing her mom, but she's afraid to get her hopes up again after so many disappointments.

June herself is clearly feeling a lot, including embarrassment.

She has not been a willing participant in most of the season, despite teasers suggesting otherwise.

Family Crisis - Lauryn Shannon prepares to hand over the test

It seems likely that she may have done this either in a bid for cash, or in one of her lucid moments when she wanted to reconnect with her family.

Whatever her motives, this is a humiliating thing -- to be filmed and drug tested while having a conspicuously worse appearance.

And yes, there is a drug test.

June Shannon Gets Tested

It looks like they're getting June to take a urinalysis test.

For many, many obvious reasons, they are not recording the reality TV star and grandmother while she provides her sample.

It's awkward enough just watching her take the cup into the bathroom, you know?

This is intense AF.

We can see how Lauryn is visibly nervous.

Previously, we have discussed how Lauryn and Doe Doe and June all have the same obvious "tells" for when having a planned conversation.

But right here, we see Lauryn when she's acting. She's about to receive important news on camera.

Lauryn Shannon Experiences Tension

The tension doesn't exist for no reason.

See, even June herself doesn't know what the results of the drug test will be.

She admits it on camera. Maybe she's not sure if it's all out of her system from the last time that she used.

Whatever results are coming will be news to them all. Either that, or June is just hoping for a false negative.

June Shannon Does Not Know What to Expect

Dr. Ish is there again, for moral support or whatever the reality TV equivalent of that is.

He was there, of course, for June's intervention last year -- months before this scene was filmed.

That intervention failed spectacularly, of course, as June refused any overnight treatment at any facility -- too afraid of losing Geno.

The entire family, and perhaps June herself, is hoping that this time will go more smoothly.

Family Crisis - what are the results?

We don't know with certainty what the results are, here.

(Well, not exactly)

We do know that Dr. Ish comes back and says that there is good news and bad news.

You don't need to see June's tearful response to whatever is said to know that "good news and bad news" means bad news.

June Shannon is Not Taking It Well

Meanwhile, we see that other members of the family who were not present are curious about the results.

Doe Doe Shannon, June's sister, is obviously concerned about her sister.

We have to imagine that only Lauryn was there because they did not want to overcrowd June.

Doe Doe Shannon Checks In

But Doe Doe is not the only conspicuous absence from the tense scene.

Lauryn says plainly that she is not prepared to tell Alana about this.

Alana has been taking June's downward spiral very hard.

Lauryn Shannon Sends an Unsubtle Facial Hint

It's no surprise - she's a young teenager with a traumatic childhood who is now faced with losing her mother to drugs.

Feeling abandoned and betrayed to a man is no fun.

Lauryn did not want to get Alana's hopes up by even mentioning the appointment.

Alana Thompson Knows Something is Up

However, Doe Doe's sister brings it up - and it's hard to tell how planned this was.

Lauryn shoots her cousin a "shut up" look.

Meanwhile, Alana is clearly instantly suspicious and realizes that she has been left out of something important.

June Shannon in a Mask

These days, we know that June has been taking steps to improve her life.

But that was not the case when this was filmed. She was still in deep.

June will go to Florida with Geno after this was filmed, and continue to miss her tooth for months.

She did recently fix her smile, which fans see as a sign that she is now clear-headed enough to see herself in the mirror.

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