Julia Trubkina to Brandon Gibbs on 90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek: We Leave This Farm or I Go BACK to Russia!

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After everything that Brandon Gibbs' awful parents had already put her through, things got worse for Julia Trubkina.

Ron and Betty Gibbs demanded that Julia do even more labor on the farm, treating her not like a guest or a daughter-in-law but an indentured servant.

Well, this involuntary farmhand has had more than enough.

In this 90 Day Fiance sneak peek, Julia -- her face smeared with dirt and who knows what else from her work -- calls Brandon with an ultimatum.

Julia Trubkina is dirty and miserable

"I try live here and I try help," Julia acknowledges to the camera in a confessional.

"But," she laments, "it's not working."

Julia desperately needs change -- it's up to Brandon what change that will be.

Julia Trubkina - but it's not working

"I tired stay not my kitchen," Julia justifiably complains, noting that Betty is clearly in charge of everything in the household.

"I tired not touch stuff. I tired be alone here," she expresses.

"I'm tired go sneaky room," Julia comments, "like I'm baby." That's an amazing line.

Julia Trubkina - like I'm baby

"I'm done," Julia warns in her voiceover as she calls Brandon at work -- because this is something that cannot wait.

"I know Brandon work right now," she explains to the camera, "but I need talk with him."

"I can't wait talk with him later. I need now," Julia emphasizes. She is absolutely right.

Julia Trubkina - I'm done

Mustering her courage, Julia tells Brandon over the phone: "I don't want live here."

"I don't want take care animals," she states. "I don't want take care all what happens here."

"I hate, I HATE this place," Julia emphasizes.

Brandon Gibbs urges Julia Trubkina to be patient, miserable

"Why?" Brandon has the absolute gall to ask. The answer, of course, is that his mother is a nightmare who sees Julia as a laborer.

(Disclaimer: we do understand that Brandon is only like this because he had the extreme misfortune to have Betty and Ron as parents -- over time, you grow numb to the injustice)

"Brandon, well you know why!" Julia fires back at the legitimately dumb question. "I'm dirty! I look like pig!"

Betty Gibbs wants Julia Trubkina to do more indentured labor

"Brandon, I don't want stay here," Julia repeats. 

"I want leave. I want leave now. I want leave now," she reiterates for emphasis.

"I don't want your parents say I need go this, I need do this," Julia explains. Brandon, so accustomed to obeying Mother Dearest, needs it spelled out that this is not normal.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina get lectured on the porch

"I want leave now, you hear me?" Julia asks.

Brandon begins to beg her -- as he has all along -- to be patient, because it would be much more convenient for him if she didn't mind this miserable toil.

"No, no, no, no, no," Julia says. When he tries to put off the conversation, she adds: "I want talk now."

Julia Trubkina - now I feel like I've mistake

"Now, I feel like I've mistake," Julia admits to the camera. "I come America and not see what I want see, what Brandon promise me."

Brandon admitted in the first episode that he deceived Julia deliberately to get her to come sooner rather than later.

In no uncertain terms, she tells him that she does not want him to make empty promises and then put it off and put it off.

Brandon Gibbs brings Julia Trubkina morning tea

Trying to change the subject, Brandon says that he does not understand her "phobia of animals."

Well, Brandon, not everyone is condemned to grow up on a farm. But also, that doesn't matter -- and he needs to stop trying to change the subject.

"I not go America clean animals!" Julia correctly asserts. "Brandon, I try, but not working."

Julia Trubkina - I not go America clean animals

"Brandon," she pleads, "this make me crazy. This make me angry!"

"I want leave now, Brandon. Not tomorrow. Not after tomorrow," Julia once again emphasizes. "Now."

"If we not go, Brandon, I go Russia," Julia says, issuing the long-overdue ultimatum. "You understand this?" Good for her!

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