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90 Day Fiance Season 8 continues with Episode 7.

On this episode, Brandon and Julia get to finally enjoy some time alone.

Unfortunately, their naked funtimes are short-lived, as Brandon’s parents began to make even more outrageous demands.

Amira is finally out of detention … but she’s not reuniting with Andrew any time soon.

Yara is alone in New Orleans, and has a tense get-together with Jovi’s family.

She also may have a surprise that neither she nor Jovi expected or feel ready for.

Rebecca is terrified that Zied will get cold feet and want to go back home … and she may be right.

Hazel has learned Tarik’s secret, and the two of them unknowingly brace for the COVID-19 pandemic to hit.

Finally, Natalie ransacks the house searching for the engagement ring.

But her behavior when Mike gets home turns cruel, and it’s clear that they’re not ready to move forward.