Judge Has to Order 30-Year-Old Man to Move Out of Parents' House

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A 30-year-old grown ass man lost his court battle against his parents after a judge ruled that he does, in fact, have to move out of their house.

This story is wild, but actually a bit more serious than people might first believe.


We've included a video from the courthouse below, but that only tells part of the story.

The full back-and-forth between New York State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood and Michael Rotondo lasted approximately a half hour.

Though the judge ordered that Rotondo would have to move out of his folks' house in Camillus, N.Y., outside Syracuse, he also ordered that Adult Protective Services investigate the situation.

To a degree, perhaps Judge Greenwood was simply doing his due diligence in a case involving family members at home.

But it is clear to anyone watching this case that something is ... not right.

It began when Rotondo's parents offered to help him to find an apartment and even offered him money, giving him over $1,000 ... which he then used on "expenses" without moving.

Following that, they stopped paying for his phone and ... well, they ended up in court.

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Since first being reported, the Rotondo story has been picked up by New York Post, Fox News, the BBC, and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Greenwood praised Rotondo's legal research after Rotondo pointed to a prior case in which it was determined that a family member had the right to six months between being served with an eviction and actually being required to leave.

This period of time is designed so that someone can make enough money to secure new housing. There are all sorts of eviction laws to cover many situations.

Greenwood patiently explained to Rotondo that there is an appellate court case that establishes that, in short, the case that Rotondo cited does not apply to his particular family situation.

Rotondo referred to the judge's ruling as "outrageous."

Judge Greenwood referred to Rotondo's demand that he be allowed to remain as being similarly "outrageous."

Rotondo 02

Though the judge urged Rotondo to speak to his parents, Mark and Christina, and reach an amicable arrangement, Rotondo refused.

After the court ruling, Rotondo spoke to the press who had gathered.

Rotondo says that there have not been any "incidents" between him and his parents. In fact, he says that they effectively do not speak with each other.

He says that they do not provide him with food or with laundry, but that they do provide him with a residence.

He describes getting food in the kitchen as being similar to a buffet line, and that he waits for his parents to vacate the room before cooking his own meals.

When asked what he does to support himself, Rotondo says that he has a business, but refused to identify it, instead saying:

"My business is my business."

After speaking to the press, he returned to his parents' house. He plans to attempt to appeal the ruling.

Rotondo 03

Here is why this is serious.

Rotondo has a son, of whom he does not have custody.

From our understanding, it looks like he has attempted to sue for custody on the grounds that not having custody is discrimination against him, as a "poor person."

It seems that he fears that accepting money from his parents and having his own residence, while normally things that would make a person seem like a more viable parent, would undercut his bid for custody.

If your parents are just handing you over $1,000, it's kind of hard to argue that you're impoverished.

Another cause for worry is that Rotondo has a 2009 arrest for allegedly stalking a woman at her home.

Rotondo 04

Many have speculated that Rotondo may have certain unresolved ... issues.

But obviously, he is in no way representative of most people who live at home.

With two decades of wage stagnation while rent and housing prices continue to climb, it is increasingly difficult for even employed adults to find housing.

Though a lot of media attention to the Rotondo case has likely been due to older generations finding amusement at the idea of a man so accustomed to being pampered that he'd rather go to court than move out, there's more going on here.

And, again, there are plenty of young adults who would love nothing more than to move out ... and would be happy to, if they started making a living wage.

We hope that Rotondo's story has a happy ending. Perhaps APS will be able to assist Rotondo by connecting him to whichever resources he needs.

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