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It’s been just over a week since Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married, but the couple has kept a surprisingly low profile in the days since they exchanged vows.

We don’t know where Joe and Kendra honeymooned, or how they’re enjoying married life thus far.

But thanks to a video the couple uploaded over the weekend, we know exactly how they feel about the newest addition to the Duggar clan.

Joe and Kendra Duggar

As you may have heard, Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their fifth child earlier this month.

The news received a mixed response from fans, as folks generally aren’t thrilled when known child abusers have more kids, but within the Duggar clan, Josh and Anna received nothing but praise and well-wishes.

And because video greetings uploaded to to public forums are the preferred method of communication for this family, Joseph and Kendra offered kind words on YouTube.

The delivery on these clips is usually awkward and strained, as though there’s a gunman with cue cards just off camera, but the sentiment is nice, we guess.

Kendra and Joseph Duggar

It seems Kendra is still getting accustomed to addressing the Duggar faithful, and she seems more than a little uncomfortable.

But hey, she’ll get used to it, right?

She better, as unless she’s involved in some sort of a massive scandal on par with what Josh did, she’ll be living her life in front of a camera from here on out.

Watch Joseph and Kendra’s video message to Josh and Anna below: