John McCain Wants Apology from Donald Trump: Watch!

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Donald Trump has spent the last few weeks making a mockery of America’s political system.  And in an attempt to undermine America’s prisoners of war, Donald Trump has p*ssed off most of the country, including John McCain.

While walking through Reagan National Airport Monday night, McCain told a TMZ photographer that Trump owes an apology to all POWs and their families.

McCain’s request stems from Trump’s comments that POWs are not heroes.  Because a weasely, little man with bad hair and a freaky little mouth is a hero???

Somehow, Trump is still at the top among Republican candidates.  But a poll released Monday showed that the McCain's remark damaged his reputation.  Thankfully!!

The only thing we can hope for is that Trump keeps talking so he can keep proving that he is not equipped to be POTUS.

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