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During the The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion special, Teresa Giudice admitted that she’s over Joe and ready to move on.

But Melissa Gorga insists that Joe was never a good husband to Tre anyway. Now, Joe is clapping back. …

Joe Giudice in Shades

"People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones," the graphic shared by Joe Giudice on Instagram reads.

"Like," it continues, "don’t criticize something if you do the same or worse."

"In this case," Joe’s Instagram post reads, "worse."

The message concludes: "It’s not as cool when you don’t get it."

"It’s okay if you don’t like me," Joe captions the Instagram post.

He concludes: "Not everyone has good taste."

Clearly, Joe ended up rethinking his own taste in social media activity.

That post has since been deleted. That was probably wise of him.

Joe Giudice Mocks the Lockdown

In case you missed the segment to which Joe is indirectly referring, we have included the video with tis post.

Basically, the topic of the way that Joe spoke to and negged Teresa while he was still incarcerated came up.

Teresa has insisted that viewers saw Joe at his worst, always, because of the effect of the cameras.

Observer effect is no joke and, apparently, it turned Joe into a bit of an ogre.

Teresa explained on stage that Joe was "trying to act like this macho guy" when cameras were rolling.

She claimed that "behind the scenes, he was good to me."

To hear her tell it, her two decades of marriage to Joe were mostly happy.

Melissa Gorga straight up told Andy Cohen that "no," this was not an accurate representation of Teresa’s marriage.

Melissa Gorga Speaks at the Reunion

"He hated the cameras, he did," Melissa did acknowledge.

She continued: "He would get so frustrated so you would see it more."

But according to her, even without the cameras, he was still a bad husband who would never "baby" Teresa as a loving husband would.

"He wasn’t passionate, he wasn’t kissy-huggy," Melissa accused. "He was never praising Teresa."

Teresa Giudice is Implied to be a Troublemaker

This is not the first time by any measure that Joe’s lack of displayed affection towards Teresa has come up.

Joe Gorga has also spoken about it, speaking about how husbands should be expressive of their love for their wives.

Affection matters in relationships. It even matters in friendships.

Unfortunately, pernicious cultural forces such as toxic masculinity can prevent men from expressing the love that they feel.

Joe Giudice Realizes That It's Over

It’s not clear why Joe believes that Melissa is a worse spouse than he is.

The only clue that he left was a vague hint that some of Teresa’s castmates had "changed" over the years.

That may be so, but the Gorga marriage is really not the topic at hand.

Quite frankly, this looks like a clumsy deflection. Maybe that’s why he deleted it.

Joe Giudice on a Sofa

Perhaps Joe Giudice will take these lessons of affection and kindness to heart in his next marriage.

For now, Teresa says that she is ready to move on — and quite frankly, eager to get laid again.

However, they may end up remaining legally married for some time.

When the political winds change and the federal government is no longer focused upon minimizing immigration, Joe may one day get a second chance.

Still being married to his legally American wife could help improve his odds considerably.