Jersey Shore Reunion: Will JWoww Hook Up with Pauly D?!

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On August 20th, just a few days away, something truly miraculous is going to happen ...

E! is going to air the Jersey Shore reunion special!!!

The Jersey Shore Ladies Reunite

Titled Road Trip Reunion: Return to the Jersey Shore, the special will feature Snooki, JWoww, Sammi Sweetheart, Pauly D, and The Situation back on their old stomping grounds.

Does it cut like a knife that Deena, Vinny, and Ronnie won't be there?

Of course it does.

But the fact is that it's almost been five whole years since we last saw any new episodes of Jersey Shore, so we'll take what we can get.

And speaking of taking what you can get ...

In this new sneak peek for the special, we see the gang sitting down at a restaurant together, and JWoww kicks off the conversation by asking the guys "Did you get bored with all the ass you got?"

In case you don't remember, the guys had a tendency to bring women back to the house for some together time in The Smush Room.

Or in the hot tub, or on the patio, or in their own rooms while their roommates just kind of hung out awkwardly.

Jersey Shore Cast Pic

Today, Pauly admits that yes, having so many sexual conquests did get a little boring.

"You get tired of, like, that one night and the multiple womens, or the threesomes or the foursomes or whatever," The Situation explains.

After the ladies get over the shock at the idea of orgies going on right under their old roof, Pauly says "These girls just don't care, it doesn't even matter if you're occupied, they'll wait till you're done."

"It was insane."

If you've seen the show, you know what he's talking about -- there was never any shortage of women ready and willing to smash with these guys.

Then, out of nowhere, Snooki makes things super uncomfortable by asking JWoww if she'd "still f-ck Pauly."

Mr. DelVecchio

In the first season, JWoww and Pauly flirted quite a bit, and we saw them fool around a little, too -- enough that she learned that his penis was pierced.

She looks shocked at Snooki's question, and Pauly laughs nervously and says that Roger, JWoww's husband, will kill him.

Then, after gathering herself, JWoww asks Snooki "Would you still f-ck Mike?"

Because -- who could forget? -- Snooki and The Situation had a thing, too.

In her own defense, Snooki says that Pauly had commented that JWoww was "still hot," and Pauly explains that he has a soft spot for JWoww because she was the first one he hooked up with in that weird, twisted Jersey Shore family.

"And then I was after, 'cause I was a ho," Snooki adds.

Watch the hilarious conversation in its entirety in the video below:

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