Jersey Shore Cast Helps Lauren Cope With Mike Sorrentino's Imprisonment In Heartwarming Clip!

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From the moment the world learned that Mike Sorrentino would be going to prison for tax fraud something about the situation -- no pun intended -- seemed unfair.

Mike never denied that he was guilty of the crimes he had been accused of, but in the months between his arrest and his imprisonment, Sorrentino went to great lengths not only to become a better man, but also to improve the lives of those around him.

Sober Sitch

For example, not only did Sorrentino get sober, he helped his struggling friend Ronnie Magro get clean, and he spent the months before his imprisonment visiting rehabilitation centers to offer support to those who were new to recovery.

Not long before his imprisonment, Mike married Lauren Pesce, and the couple announced plans to start a family together -- plans that were put on hold when Mike was locked up.

But The Sitch is an endless font of inspirational slogans, and we're sure he's got one about silver linings, or sad endings leading to happy beginnings, or something.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and His Wife

The most recent episodes of Shore have been sadly Sitch-less, but Mike will be making his triumphant return on Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3, which premieres on MTV this Thursday.

In the preview we see the guidos receiving the sad news that Mike's release has been delayed yet again.

But they handle the disappointment in stride -- by taking Lauren bowling.

Speaking with Us Weekly this week, the Shore crew had nothing but good things to say about their returning compatriot.

Mike Sorrentino in the Gym

“Mike is a strong guy. He wows me every single day,” said Pauly D.

“I see him through his whole transformation — from the first Mike I met to when he had his dark path, through this path, and now overcoming something as huge as prison," he added.

“I can see it in his face, see it in Lauren [Sorrentino]‘s face: They are so happy. Like we were happy to see him, but Lauren — how happy she was to see her husband. I know he was just happy to put this behind him, and we’re all happy for him.”

“Over the last year, we’ve got really, really close. I would consider him like a brother,” Ronnie Magro chimed in.

Mike and Ronnie

“I feel really good. I feel like last year, I was just in a really dark place and I was very dependent and codependent on certain things,” Ronnie said of his own recovery.

“I thought they were going to solve my problems and I didn’t want to face my issues. And then I finally woke up and realized I’m the only one that has control over the things that happened in my life, and I decided I wanted to take control of my life again.”

“Seriously, like, better than 10 years ago — hair, skin, body, phenomenal,” JWoww said of Mike's improvement. “The silver lining is I feel like he truly had to go through it to become the person who he is today. And we can all honestly say how obsessed we are with him.

"He deserves everything he gets and more from here on out.”

We can't wait to see him finally enjoy the happy ending he deserves.

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