Mike Sorrentino in Prison: Star's Sad Farewell to Freedom, New Life Behind Bars, Conjugal Visit "Situation" Revealed [UPDATED]

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He's known this day was coming for several months, but it seems all that mental preparation didn't make it any easier for Mike Sorrentino to report to prison on Tuesday morning.

As you may recall, The Situation pled guilty to tax fraud back in January of 2018 after investigators accused him of failing to pay taxes on more than $9 million in earnings.

The Jersey Shore star had hoped to avoid jail time through a plea deal, but in October, Sorrentino was sentenced to 8 months behind bars.

Earlier this week, the Sitch reported to prison to begin doing his time.

But first, he sent a final message to his millions of social media followers -- many of whom bombarded him with questions about what he's expecting from life on the inside.

Here's what we know so far about Mike's first day in the big house:

1. Sad Situation

Sad Situation
Prior to his latest legal entanglements, Mike Sorrentino's life was on the upswing.

2. Turning It Around

Turning It Around
After years of reckless living, Mike got sober, reconnected with his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, and returned to TV thanks to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

3. Too Little, Too Late

Sadly, Mike's past has caught up with him, and his misdeeds have now cost him his freedom.

4. Facing the Music

In January of 2018, Mike pled guilty to tax fraud after an investigation revealed that he had failed to pay taxes on more than $9 million in earnings.

5. Making Things Right

The year that followed was probably the most eventful and productive of Mike's life.

6. Making Up For Lost Time

Making Up For Lost Time
He proposed and got married to Pesce, filmed two seasons of Shore, and continued to volunteer at rehab facilities and sober living houses.

7. Guido Family

Guido Family
Mike enjoyed the support of his Shore castmates as he fought to remain sober, and several were on hand during his sentencing.

8. The Day of Reckoning

The Day of Reckoning
But unfortunately, all of Mike's self-improvement efforts were insufficient to convince the judge in his case that jail time was unnecessary, and today, the Jersey Shore star reported to Otisville FCI in upstate New York.

9. Bye For Now, Sitch

Bye For Now, Sitch
Mike took to Instagram today to sell some t-shirts (Hey, the guy still has bills.) and offer some final words to fans. He captioned this pic, "see you guys on the other side #FreeSitch"

10. Tense Moments

Mike also went live on the site as a van took him to prison in the company of his wife.

11. A Different Kind of Reality Show

A Different Kind of Reality Show
“Okay honey you’re on,” Lauren said at the start of the video. “You can stay on as long as you want. You should see all the messages people are sending.”

12. The Sitch Sense of Humor

It took Mike some time to warm up to the camera, but eventually, he cracked a joke about his famously prodigious appetite.

13. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
“You’re going to save a lot of money on food,” he joked. “That’s all we spend our money on.”

14. Under Construction

“The Situation will reveal himself in 2019,” he continued, on a more serious note. “Currently under construction, but will be revealed. Under new management now.”

15. Shoutout to Henry Hill

In a possible nod to the classic film Goodfellas, Mike concluded by telling his audience, “There is nothing more to say. Just take me to jail."

16. Looking Forward

Looking Forward
Mike's other recent posts are a twist on the viral #agechallenge, in which Mike uses two photos to contrast his difficult past with his bright future.

17. Hard Time?

Hard Time?
As for how he'll fare in prison, experts say Mike's celebrity status should benefit him tremendously.

18. Star Behind Bars

Star Behind Bars
“With his status of MTV, it is more likely inmates will see him as a star which will make his time very easy," federal prison consultant Dan Wise tells Radar.

19. Life in the Slammer

Now that Mike is officially an inmate, questions abound about what his days will look like behind bars.

20. A Different Situation

Needless to say, they'll be a far cry from the life of massive meals and near-constant travel that Mike had been living in the months before his sentence.

21. Feast Mode No More

For the time being, Sorrentino's days of putting away multiple entrees in a single meal are over.

22. Change of Pace

According to a Federal Bureau of Prisons National Menu obtained by Radar, lunch during week 1 of Mike's bid will consist of soy chicken patty with a whole-wheat hamburger bun, steamed rice, pinto beans, lettuce/tomato and salad dressing. He'll also enjoy a "fruit beverage" with his meal.

23. First Supper

Mike's first dinner behind bars reportedly consisted of meatloaf or a soy burger, mashed potatoes, tomato gravy, corn, whole wheat bread -- yet another fruit beverage. Fortunately, it's not all bad news on the culinary front.

24. Snacks For the Sitch

Mike will be able to spend a maximum of $320 in the prison commissary, and knowing Big Daddy Sitch, it'll all go toward food.

25. Chef Sitch

According to information provided by Otisville, if Mike is in the mood to prepare himself an Italian feast on his hotplate, he can buy pasta sauce for .90 cents, pasta for $2.30, olive oil for $4.85, and shredded mozzarella $1.60.

26. Unearthing the Abs

Of course, it's possible that Mike may want to spend his time behind bars shifting his focus away from food and back toward fitness.

27. Hittin' the Track

“There will be a track for exercise as well as many different classes that he can take while there,” Wise tells Radar.

28. And Laying Low

Wall Street exec Larry Levine, who recently did time in Otisville, suggests that Mike do his best to keep a low profile despite his celebrity status.

29. Bad Timing

Levine tells Radar that Mike's beginning his sentence "at a bad time" as many prison staff are "hostile" due to delayed paychecks from the current government shutdown.

30. A Common Problem

Levine also says Otisville has been ravaged by overcrowding, which could make it difficult for Mike to access the gym and other facilities.

31. Love For Big Daddy Sitch

Love For Big Daddy Sitch
However, he decides to spend his time, we'd like to join Mike's Shore co-stars and millions of fans in wishing him all the best in the months ahead.

32. We Had a Sad Update

We Had a Sad Update
Mike is fine behind bars, don't worry. But someone close to the prison system has told Radar Online that Mike and Lauren cannot have any conjugal visits.

33. That Sucks for Them

That Sucks for Them
Sure does. “Mike will get to see his wife weekly. But they will get no alone time during their visits. He will be allowed a short kiss at the start and end of every visit,” Federal prison consultant Dan Wise has told Radar.

34. Will the Marriage Last?

Will the Marriage Last?
We hope so. If it was based around sex to begin with, this relationship would be doomed no matter what, you know?

35. What a Waste of Great Abs

What a Waste of Great Abs
Right?!? That's the real tragedy here.

36. How's Mike Doing So Far?

How's Mike Doing So Far?
This is the update his wife shared on Twitter within days of her men going in.

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