Mike Sorrentino: Struggling to Stay Sober Behind Bars?

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When Mike Sorrentino reported to prison last week, he paid homage to the Martin Scorsese classic Goodfellas by muttering, "Now take me to jail" to his driver.

One important distinction between the film and real life, however, was that Ray Liotta's character stumbled out of a bar and popped a handful of pills before delivering his line, while Sorrentino will celebrate 3 years of sobriety in May.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Picture

It might seem like being locked up would make it easier for Mike to steer clear of booze and drugs, but illicit substances are actually quite common behind bars, particularly in minimum security arrangements, such as the one in which The Situation finds himself.

According to a new report from Radar Online, there were concerns among Sorrentino's family about the Jersey Shore star falling off the wagon during his time inside.

Fortunately, federal prison consultant Dan Wise says Mike's loved ones can rest easy, as sobriety will be his biggest asset as he's serving his sentence.

The Situation Is Sober

“Being sober is going to help Mike’s situation a lot," Wise tells Radar (pun presumably unintended).

“Federal prisons have a few resources for those who are sober and in recovery," Wise adds.

"The BOP offers a non-residential drug and alcohol program through their psychology department and they meet once a week for 40 weeks.”

Mike Sorrentino and Wife

Wise says Mike is also free to take the reins and organize his own circle of sober circle.

“So while he won’t really have any A.A. meetings, he will have that option," he tells Radar.

"He could also create his own meeting with a few other of the prisoners who are also sober.”

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Image

Wise goes on to reveal there's a good chance that Mike's sobriety will improve his standing with the parole board.

Currently, Sorrentino's release date is set for September or 2019.

However, he can qualify for early release and serve the final months of his sentence in a halfway house if he's able to demonstrate to prison officials that he's been a model inmate.

And there's no better way to do that than to stay clean and help other inmates do the same.

“If Mike gets involved in the program that they do offer, they will receive a recommendation for maximum time at the halfway house," Wise says.

"He is very lucky he got clean because it will help him tremendously in the end,” Wise told Radar.

It would be a fitting reward for a man who accomplished the seemingly impossible by remaining sober in the Jersey Shore house.

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