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Well this is a national tragedy. A global catastrophe.

Jeremy Roloff, who is not feuding with his brother, made a pledge to cut off his glorious mane of hair if his charity goal was reached.

The charity threshold was met, and Jeremy’s hair went on the chopping block. There’s a video, if you can bear it.

"Well, it happened," Jeremy writes in the captions of a teaser video on Instagram.

He follows those words with a scissors emoji.

If you immediately feared the worst — that he has cut his hair — you are sadly correct.

"And I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s bitter sweet," he admits.

Jeremy provides context: "I’ve been growing my hair since September 2014."

"But I needed a change," he claims. "And it’s for a good cause."

Photo via Instagram

"Speaking of change," Jeremy continues.

"Because of you who decided to give," he writes. "We will be changing the lives of over 500 folks."

These are people, Jeremy explains, "who currently don’t have access to clean drinking water."

That is a plight known by so many people. We’re glad that his sacrifice is making a real difference.

"So thank you!" he says.

Photo via Instagram

Jeremy even reveals some numbers.

"We raised just over 15k for @charitywater," Jeremy writes.

As you would assume, Charity Water is an organization dedicated to bringing access to clean water to those who do not have it.

"And with their 1:1 model," he continues. "Every dollar will go toward water projects."

Jeremy congratulates his fans and followers: "Nice work you guys!!"

Jeremy Roloff Walks Ember Jean to His Haircut

"Thanks @jackbotti For the rad video per usual," he notes.

As you can see in the video that we included, it is a well put together video, even if the subject matter is heartbreaking.

"If you don’t already," Jeremy suggests. "And you like good videos, give him a follow!"

He then teases that, at the end of the full video, fans and followers can see Ember’s reaction.

That is true enough.

The video ends with Audrey desperately, desperately trying to get a reaction out of precious baby Ember Jean.

See, some babies do not take it well the first time that they see a parent with different hair (or with or without a beard).

It’s not a lack of object permanence, it’s because they are still working out how to recognize faces — and we all struggle with that sometimes.

Ember could clearly not give a flip.

Maybe she’s hungry or sleepy or doesn’t know what to make of Jeremy’s horrific new hairdo.

Maybe Ember is just observing a moment of silence for her father’s late, great, glorious mane.

You can see the final, unspeakable version of Jeremy’s hair in the video that we have included with this post.

Obviously, it is Jeremy’s hair.

As with the rest of his body, he can do with it as he pleases.

But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t pour one out in memory of the magnificent hair that was.

Jeremy lost the hair, but the world lost a work of art.

Now, Jacob is burdened with being the Roloff man with best hair.

It’s all on his shoulders, now.