Jenni Farley Breaks Down Over Divorce Drama, Feels So "F-cking Torn"

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Jenni Farley thought she was done with the drama.

It wasn't easy to split from Roger Mathews, as she and her ex got into a series of heated arguments as their marriage fell apart... but then it did at least fall apart.

It did finally end last August.


In the months since her break-up from Mathews, Farley has publicly dated another man and seemingly moved on from a relationship that, at one point, resulted in an abusive situation.

Alas, Jenni gets reminded of an unfortunate reality on the March 5 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

She gets reminded that nothing can really be over with an ex-husband, not when kids are involved.


In a sneak peek from the episode -- courtesy of Us Weekly -- Farley receives a bunch of text messages from Mathews... and she immediately runs away from the table and into a bathroom to deal with the repercussions.

“Literally I’m in the bathroom crying. I’m like, ‘F-ck, I want to be here with Mike but it looks like I have to go home,’” Jenni says in a confessional, referring to the return of The Situation from prison and adding:

“It’s just, like, two f-cking worlds torn and I’m like, I thought this was handled.

"I got divorced.”

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Back in the Day

This is, literally, true.

Farley filed to end her marriage in September of 2018 and she finalized her divorce in August of 2019, after each side made claims of physical and/or emotional abuse.

However, Farley believed the exes were on the same page when it came to the custody of their two kids: daughter Meilani, 5, and son, Greyson, 3.

Jenni and Roger Throwback

“The situation with Roger is so sticky,” Farley continued in a confessional.

“We have a contract and we have to follow it but I really thought if we’re, like, great coparenting and working with each other, we could, like, switch off. Apparently that’s just not the situation right now.”

In this clip, Snooki eventually comes to check on her best friend and, although she tells her close pal to do whatever she needs to get through this, Snooki is clearly irritated that Mathews is trying to ruin Farley’s time.

His nerve, you know?!?

Jenni and Roger

“Roger’s doing it on purpose,” Snooki tells the cameras. “You’re f-cking 50 years old. Grow up.”

Farley appears to still be datiing Zack Carpinello, while Mathews is with someone named Danielle Miele. Both sides have moved on.

But, again, they have children. So they'll continue to be in each other's lives.

Check out the footage here to see how such an arrangement is impacting the Jersey Shore veteran.

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