Roger Mathews Admits to Abusing JWoww: I Got Violent During Our Marriage

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It's been six months since Jenni Farley finalized her divorce from Roger Mathews.

During that time, the former couple worked out a custody agreement regarding their two children, and Jenni moved on to a new relationship with Zack Carpinello.

Roger Mathews and Jenni

But that doesn't mean that the dust has entirely settled, and Roger and JWoww are on completely civil terms with one another.

While their split seemed amicable at first, Farley later accused Mathews of abuse, citing incidents in which he violently shoved her during heated arguments in their home.

She even provided evidence in the form of security cam footage in which Mathews can be heard shouting "You wanna get violent?" before putting his hands on Jenni.

Now, in a shockingly candid podcast interview, Mathews has admitted to abusing Jenni during their marriage.

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Back in the Day

He notes, however, that their arguments became physical on

"I have pushed her, that I can remember, three or four times in our entire relationship," Mathews said during a lengthy conversation with podcaster and UFC fighter Frankie Edgar.

"The public got to see the worst of the worst, basically, and things got ugly for a long time," he added.

From there, Mathews detailed the night of the 2018 altercation that was caught on camera:

Jenni and Roger

"The night that that all happened, and I went home and my life kind of fell apart... December 14th, I went home at like midnight. Had a couple Johnnie Walkers, as I'm having right now. This sh-t better not be cursed!" Mathews explained.

"Went home, and again, I don't wanna get into detail, because if I get into detail and Jenni listens to this, which she probably will, then it becomes a he-said-she-said, and you kind of jump back into that hornet's nest, and she's gonna fire shots back," he continued.

Backing away from providing a more detailed account of the incident, Mathews revealed that he was shocked by the footage, but believes it does not tell the whole story of his marriage:

Roger Mathews Video Pic

"Nobody wants to look like the bad guy," he said.

"People wanna look like the good guy. People wanna look like, I don't wanna say the victim, but that's what happens when you butt heads and ugliness comes out in a relationship."

He continued:

"Any time you put your hands on any human being, other than what you do in the ring, is wrong. And I would never defend ever doing that, and I certainly was guilty of pushing Jenni, but that was a video that was from years earlier that was saved and sort of -- and again, this is what I don't wanna do -- but it wasn't a one-sided street."

Roger Mathews, JWOWW

While Mathews admits that his children witnessed "some ugliness in our relationship," he says violence was not a common occurrence in his household.

"I mean, I think that maybe one day, her and I can have a conversation and say, 'Listen, we both could've done things much better.' But it was not a violent household. I would not call it that," he went on.

"It was just that what was put out there was -- in my opinion -- A. edited in a way that didn't make me look very good, and B. was the absolute worst moments of my entire life and the worst moments of her entire life, and the security system captured it from years ago," he continued.

"It wasn't even... I don't think any of that would've actually come out or been said or been highlighted if obviously emotions hadn't run so high."

Farley has yet to respond to Mathews' latest comments.

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