Jenelle Evans Totally Loses It in Front of Son: Sneak Peek

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We've always known that Jenelle Evans is a loose cannon. That she has a couple of screws loose.

Basically, name any metaphor for an angry, unstable person, and it probably fits this girl.

You'd think that as the years went on and as the babies kept coming, she'd calm down a little bit, right? That she'd manage to mature just enough to be a decent human being.

No such luck.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason and Barbara Evans

These days, Jenelle is less into drugs than she used to be, and she's figured out how to avoid getting arrested, but she's just as hotheaded as ever.

And we see that in this alarming sneak peek for the new episode of Teen Mom 2.

In the clip, Jenelle is at home with her sons, Jace and Kaiser.

Nathan texts her to ask if he can swing by her house to pick up Kaiser -- totally normal, but of course David freaks out.

But we're not here to talk about David's massive insecurities. We're hear to talk about Jenelle's total inability to communicate in a reasonable way.

After texting with Nathan, Jenelle calls her long-suffering mother, Barbara. She tells her that Nathan is coming to pick up Kaiser, but Barbara misheard her.

She thinks Jenelle told her to come to her house to pick up Jace.


A simple misunderstanding, right? No big deal, right?

Fat chance. Maybe to a reasonable person without a track record of blowing things out of proportion. But to Jenelle, it's the biggest deal.

As such, Jenelle predictably proceeds to flip out in the most alarming way. She yells at her mother, she ridicules her ... it's bad. Beyond bad.

And all the while, Jace is listening, looking so, so sad.

Watch the heartbreaking clip below:

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