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Jenelle Evans has been "famous" for over a decade now, and she’s spent most of that time displaying truly horrendous behavior.

Bigotry, bullying, body-shaming — pretty much any sort of awful conduct you can imagine, Jenelle has engaged in repeatedly, usually taking great joy in her victims’ suffering.

So when Jenelle complains that other people are giving her a hard time on social media … well, it’s tough to feel much in the way of sympathy.

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But that won’t stop her from seeking out the compassion that she refuses to demonstrate toward others.

As you probably know, Jenelle loves TikTok.

The main reason for this is that the users tend to be younger than what you would find on other social media sites.

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As a result, they’re less likely to remember all of the horrible things that Jenelle has done during her time in the spotlight, and they’re more likely to believe that Evans has been unfairly victimized by jealous haters.

Jenelle might not be able to play the victim in front of an audience of zoomers for much longer, as Teen Mom 2 is on Netflix now, which means it’s easy for folks born after the year 2000 to find out exactly why Evans is so universally reviled.

But TikTok is Jenelle’s main source of income these days, so you better believe she’s taking advantage while she can.

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Jenelle’s latest is another response to the trolls who have harassed and bullied her with comments disparaging her appearance.

"When someone makes fun of your body… show it off," Evans commented.

"#SelfLove Let’s see you do a reaction to this."

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The video showed a fully clothed Jenelle in a well-lit room.

When the lights turned off, it appeared that she was wearing lingerie.

Like most of her videos, Jenelle’s latest is a TikTok challenge that’s already been performed by millions of users … but most of those probably didn’t receive such a harsh response.

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"Who else is glad the lights were off?" one commenter wrote.

"Whenever I’m having a bad day I just remind myself that I’m not Jenelle Evans and I thank my lucky stars," another added.

"You read all the comments but why aren’t you honest? You don’t have custody of Jace," a third chimed in.

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As always, we’ll remind everyone that trashing someone’s appearance is never okay.

But the comments pointing out that Jenelle has been lying about having custody of Jace?

Well, those are fair game.

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As you probably know — if only because she frequently talks about the situation on TikTok — Jenelle falsely claimed that she had regained custody of her eldest son, who has been raised by her mother since childhood.

Evans recently participated in the "biggest lie your parents ever told you" challenge on the site.

"Oh, I’ll give you custody back when you get older," was her entry.

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"Sometimes it’s not the best thing to trust your parents. #BiggestLie #MyLife #ToxicParent," Evans captioned her video.

That’s a valuable lesson. 

Here’s hoping Jenelle’s kids will take it to heart.


When someone makes fun of your body… show it off. ?? #SelfLove Let’s see you do a reaction to this. ??‍♀️

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