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If you follow her on any other social media platform, you probably know that Jenelle Evans loves TikTok.

She says it’s where the commenters are the most friendly and least critical.

We say it’s the only site where the average user is too young to know who Jenelle is or have any idea of the many atrocities she’s committed.

Whatever the case, Jenelle posts dance videos like it’s her job – and come to think of it, we guess it sort of is.

She and her husband are both chronically unemployed, in the conventional sense.

We suppose Jenelle’s YouTube videos and TikToks bring some trickle of income into their swampy home, which explains why Evans is forever doing the exact same dance for her followers.

The music changes, but the moves remain the same.

However, this time, Jenelle says her body itself is different, thanks to a new workout regimen.

We’ll leave it to you to decide if the results are visible.

As for the music, well, it seems Jenelle is feeling the Christmas spirit in mid-October.

We wouldn’t normally fault her for that, but when one of her followers asked about the un-seasonal tunes, Jenelle explained that it’s "just an easy TikTok to do," which is sort of lame.

As for the rest of the comments – well, it seems the fine folks of TikTok are finally catching on to what an awful person Jenelle is.

And the situation is made all the more entertaining by the fact that Evans apparently feels compelled to respond to all of her haters!

"This girl will never know how many people laugh at her on the daily," one person wrote.

"Good hope I make you laugh cuz you give me more views," Jenelle rather lamely replied.

Jenelle Dances on TikTok

"Same dance over and over and yet it never gets better," another critic observed.

"Says the girl with no content," Evans shot back.

"Don’t quit your day job … wait …" yet another commenter quipped.

"I get paid for my tiktoks … wait …" Jenelle replied. 

Jenelle in a Bikini

Interestingly, today’s comments even yielded a rare bit of near-honesty from Jenelle. 

"I just want you to know you were my inspo to remain sober," a follower wrote.

Yes, someone actually wrote that – amazing on multiple levels.

Jenelle Evans, In Bikini, With Chicken

After many, many people pointed out that Jenelle is far from sober, the Carolina Hurricane conceded:

"Honestly I’m not sober cuz I smoke and drink beer," Evans wrote.

Note that she didn’t specify what she smokes. Just sayin’!


But…. like…. who’s ready for ##Christmas ?! ?? ##ChristmasTikTok (DC: @reubennsnoww )

♬ original sound – bae bae!!!