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Jenelle Evans is in a tough spot these days.

She doesn’t want to get a real job, which means that her earnings from TikTok are her only means of support.

And that means she needs to produce an endless stream of content, which can be difficult when you never leave the house.

So in order to keep her followers interested in her uneventful life, Jenelle has been forced to get creative.

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Jenelle has been dancing on the site for months now, and she’s probably sick of getting roasted in the comments on a daiky basis.

So she decided to mix it up this week with a little help fron Tony Soprano.

Over an audio clip of Tony dodging his daughter’s question about his mob involvement, Jenelle opened a large fireproof safe and … put her phone in it for some reason.

Photo via Instagram

Yeah, we don’t really get it, but it seems like the purpose was to show off her assortment of firearms.

But when commenters pointed out that Jenelle and David’s collection isn’t really all that large for people who base their entire personality on being gun owners, Evans defended herself in the most hilarious way possible.

"Clearly you can’t see sh-t on purpose because that’s the way I filmed it," she replied.

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"But why would I share what I have with the world. Dumb idea."

For starters, it’s funny as hell that Jenelle is always creating content to convey how unbothered she is, and yet she feels the need to reply to every critic in her comments section.

On top of that, is she saying she didn’t want to show off her gun collection?

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Then why did she post a video in which she opens her gun safe in front of a camera?

Jenelle lost touch with reality a long time ago, but now she’s reaching a new level of delusion and we are 100 percent here for it.

Anyway, you’d think guns would be sort of a sensitive subject around the Eason home.

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After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that David shot and killed the family dog during one of his infamous temper tantrums.

But the Easons decided long ago that they were gonna make "gun couple" their whole schtick, and it’s too late to abandon the bit now.

Besides, Jenelle is running out of ideas for "edgy" content.

Photo via Instagram

If she doesn’t show off her expensive collection of boom sticks, how else is she gonna keep people clicking on her videos?

Jenelle’s reality TV days are long behind her, and there are no other career prospects on the horizon.

The only time anything newsworthy happens in her life nowadays, guns are involved.

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So she might as well play into that aspect of her life whenever she gets the chance.

We highly doubt that Jenelle puts that much thought into her content, but for some reason, we feel the need to try and make sense of it.

Her posts are so ridiculous that there’s really no sane way to respond to them.


Nah, I’m just a badass ???‍♀️ Thats my phone full of receipts btw ##LibertySafe

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