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As The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans know, Erika Jayne is undergoing an ugly divorce.

While ending her marriage to Tom Girardi, Erika is also being besieged by rumors and alarming claims.

In the promo for next week’s RHOBH, Erika breaks down into tears about what’s being said.

She says that her divorce is all too real, and that the claims about her are nothing short of insane.

Photo via Bravo

On the July 14 episode of RHOBH, it looks like there will be a taste of doggy silliness.

The ongoing tension between Crystal and Sutton continues.

The former calls the latter "an inappropriate, awkward person." Ouch.

That of course is its own can of worms, distinct from Erika’s storyline.

Some fans want Crystal and Sutton to apologize and make up.

Others are choosing sides, for good reasons or for suspicious reasons. It’s a mess.

We are then treated to video of Erika Jayne at home and video chatting with Lisa Rinna.

Both women are dressed casually, but the discussion is very serious.

“What’s being said is just, I mean, it’s insane,” Erika laments while speaking to her friend.

We then see Erika speaking in person with both Lisa and Crystal.

“That lawsuit that says my divorce is a sham so I could hide assets," she explains to her castmates.

Erika acknowledges that the rumors are spreading like wildfire because "people want to believe that.”

Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards are then shown speaking (comically, with Kyle from far above Garcelle) about the topic.

"Every day it’s something more," Garcelle says, presumably in reference to the constant barrage of headlines about Erika.

Garcelle admits: "You almost go, like, ‘Is it the same person we know?’”

Elsewhere, a tearful and furious Erika speaks to Kyle, the tears streaming down her face prompting Kyle to also cry.

“I mean, I could have never predicted this f–king s—t,” she expresses.

Erika then mourns her former dreams for her life: “This is the end.”

This is is a complicated topic, and one that needs to be approached with delicacy.

One version of events has Erika suddenly being blamed for her husband’s alleged crimes because she is a much more attractive target.

Another version has Erika making calculated choices to preserve what is allegedly stolen wealth, keeping it from the hands of the victims to whom it belongs.

What we are seeing could be a genuine expression of grief and anguish of a woman whose life has been abruptly turned upside down.

It could, some fans suspect, be a carefully crafted ploy from an alleged thief to manipulate viewers into sympathizing with her.

Some have even suggested that it is a little bit of both. People can have feelings and be pragmatic at the same time.

Photo via Bravo

Simply put, it seems unlikely that anyone knows enough facts of the case to know with certainty what Erika knew, or when.

It is perfectly okay — and even good — to feel empathy for her as she realizes that her entire life may be ruined, possibly through no fault of her own.

It would not make someone a fool to pity her, even if we later learn that some of these rumors might be true.