Santa Claus Shares Heartwarming Moment with Hearing-Impaired Child

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According to some critics out there, Starbucks does not grasp the true meaning of Christmas.

But the Santa Claus featured in the following video most assuredly does.

He’s hanging out at Cleveland Centre, a shopping mall in Middlesbrough, England and he’s doing what most men dressed as Saint Nick of this time of year:

Spending time with little kids and listening to their list of Christmas present demands/wishes.

Except this Saint Nick is not like most of the others out there: he knows how to use sign language... and that's about to come in handy.

As you can see below, the mother apologizes at the outset of her daughter's lap visit because her child "can't talk very well," but Santa Claus isn't dismayed by this unfortunate fact.

"Can she sign at all?" he asks in response.

Yes, the mother replies, she's just learning how to do so.

What follows is a heartwarming exchange with a nary a word uttered. It's all sign language all the time and it makes us smile every time we check it out.

We can't get enough of this interaction.

(NOTE: This is not the real Santa Claus, people. We all know that the real Santa Claus sends out representatives to various malls around the country and they then report back with what millions of children want under their tree.)

Check out the moving footage now, courtesy of our friends at My Fanatic:

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