Janice Dickinson on Bill Cosby: I'm Embarrassed For His Fans!

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On Monday, newly-released court documents revealed that in 2005, Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women with the intent to sexually assault them.

As Cosby will likely never stand trial due to the number of years that have passed since his alleged acts of sexual misconduct, that may be the closest we'll ever get to a confession from the embattled comedy legend.

Not surprisingly, many people (on both sides of the Cosby debate) believe it's far from enough.

While some of his celebrity defenders have had changes of heart, Whoopi Goldberg is standing by Cosby, insisting that she'll believe his accusers only if he's proven guilty in a criminal trial.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is alleged Cosby victim Janice Dickinson. The former supermodel sat down for an interview with CNN last night in which she blasted Cosby, as well as those who continue to support him.

"I do not feel vindicated," Dickinson replied when asked about her feelings regarding Cosby's confession. "I'm very upset. And I'm embarrassed, embarrassed for his fans that he has deceived for all of these years."

Watch Dickinson's emotional interview in the video above.

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