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Caitlyn Jenner is no fan of Hillary Clinton.

Those who watch I Am Cait online are well aware of this fact after Jenner went off on the Democratic front-runner recently, referring to her as a f-ckin liar.

So… what happened when Caitlyn actually met Hillary?!

We’ll find out on I Am Cait Season 2 Episode 4.

It airs on March 27 and it features Jenner and her friends paying a visit to Caitlyn’s alma mater in Iowa. This gives them a chance to actually meet Clinton in her hotel following the Democratic debate at Drake University in Des Moines.

"We’re on the road dealing with trans issues across America," Caitlyn tells the Hillary prior to introducing her friends, including a very awestruck Candis Cayne.

"That’s great," Clinton replies. "I have to tell you, what’s happening around the world deserves your attention. I just want you guys to have a great time and do great work."

Caitlyn agrees and says that’s the goal of her and her team.

The meeting basically ends there… until Hillary actually sends a message to Kim Kardashian and company.

What does she have to say to Caitlyn’s family, with whom she has posed for multiple selfies?

Watch and find out!