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Once a couple gets together, it’s only a matter of, oh, maybe six to eight weeks that they’re just assumed to be planning a child and lifelong future together. 

That’s totes normal, right?

Maybe (hopefully) not in the real world, but it’s evidently the case for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, who after dating for a mere two months are now talking about sticking a bun in that oven immediately.

In the Snapchat video below, Blac is all kinds of fired up when she lays into Rob about creating their future progeny:

"Rob! I am not playin’ with you, I want my eggs CRACKED!" she shouts. "That mean I wanna have a BABY! I need my name DROPPED!"

As you can see, she’s hella emphatic.

In the next snap, she continues with her demands.

"That mean I wanna be MARRIED. I’m NOT. F**KING. AROUND. WITH YOU!!!" she screams, then points a long, meticulously manicured fingernail at Rob. 

And then the two share a chuckle as if to say, "Ohhh, but are we serious or are we joking? Go to it, gossip rags!"

Luckily, there are "sources" who are here to clarify the whole thing. And these sources confirm that Rob does in fact want to put a baby in his girlfriend.

“Rob spending time with King Cairo has convinced Rob that he is ready to be a father," the source tells Radar Online. "He thinks that the sexiest thing about Blac Chyna is what a great mom she is to King.”

Rob recently traveled down to San Diego for a pre-birthday trip with Blac and her three-year-old son, King, at Legoland. Which is how most 29-year-old men want to spend their birthday, yes?

Oh, but how does Tyga, King’s actual dad, have to say about all this Rob time with his son? 

“Rob has been spoiling King and it is definitely causing drama between Tyga and Blac,” claimed the source.

Last we heard, Tyga was insanely jealous of Rob because he secretly wants Blac back in a bad way. And now the Kardashian boy is honing in on his kid? Whoa, Nelly.

Might little King be looking forward to a new baby bro or sissy sometime soon?

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a Chyna bump.