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In June, Howard Stern announced he was leaving America’s Got Talent.

The radio shock jock served as a judge on the reality competition show for four seasons.  And last night, his time on the show came to a close.

In an emotional segment dedicated to his exit, Stern is shown walking through New York City as he reflects on what he has loved about being a judge on the show and working in New York.

"If I had any dream about this, it’s that I could take someone who was struggling and seriously give advice," he said.  ”I was told over and over again that I had no talent. I was in college radio. No one was banking on me.”

"When I was a kid, if you would’ve said to me one day you’ll be on live television from radio city music hall, I wouldn’t have believed you." 

Stern, who is a native New Yorker, is leaving the show pleased knowing that he contributed to his home.

"New York is just kind of who I am," Stern said. "I felt really fortunate that I could be the guy responsible for bringing the show to New York." 

Stern credited the show for changing his reputation from a pervy radio host to a family friendly celeb.

"I’ll go to a restaurant and parents will bring over their 10-year-olds to sit on my lap to take a picture," he stated. "I’m like ‘Oh my god.’ It’s kind of funny to me because this never happened to me in my career." 

On Stern’s final season, British ventriloquist Paul Zerdin won the final round.  Other winners during Stern’s time on the show include magician Mat Franco, dancer Kenichi Ebina, and dog trainers Olate Dogs.