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Hope Solo did not allow a single goal during the U.S. Women’s opening Olympic soccer match on Wednesday, helping the team shut out its opponent by a score of 2-0.

In the minds of fans at the match, however, this victory was hollow.

Because Solo is a actually a big loser.

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The controversial goalie did not endear herself to Rio de Janeiro residents in the lead-up to this summer’s Olympics, sharing multiple social media messages that referenced the region’s Zika virus outbreak.

Last month, Solo joked about her preparations for these Games, first posting a photograph of herself in a mosquito net.

"Not sharing this!!! Get your own! #zikaproof #RoadToRio," she wrote as a caption to the image below.

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She then put up another picture, this time depicting a bed with excessive amounts of bug repellent laid out for packing.

"If anyone in the village forgets to pack repellent, come and see me…#DeptOfDefense #zikaproof," she penned as the caption this time around.

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"If I had to make the choice today, I wouldn’t go [to the Olympics]," she told Sports Illustrated at the time.

"The Zika virus is definitely a concern to me … I do know that it’s spreading and they don’t really have a vaccination to treat it, so it’s definitely worrisome."

It is, that much is true.

Zika is especially dangerous for pregnant woman because contracting it can give you baby a strong chance of being born with birth defects.

Solo says she understands the odds of getting the disease are slim, but she just wants to take every precaution possible.

Which is understandable. But she may have overdone it online.

She also doesn’t have the best reputation overall, having been accused of attacking her half-sister and nephew in June of 2014.

Just ask Maksim Chmerkovskiy how he feels about Hope Solo.

Asked after the game about the taunts you can clearly hear below, Solo blew them off as being part of the sport.

"Often times it’s part of the football culture to boo the goalkeeper. I’m okay with that," she told the press.

"I was pretty focused on the game. What goes on around me in the stadium, honestly, it doesn’t really matter."