Heather Morris' Britney Spears Dancing With the Stars Tribute: Watch the "Toxic" Tango!

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Heather Morris channeled Britney Spears last night on Week 3 of Dancing With the Stars, a familiar role for the one-time Glee cast member.

She did a fair amount of that impersonation back in the day.

Heather Morris as Britney Spears (DWTS)

Morris spent six seasons channeling Britney Spears on Glee, so getting into the spirit of her former namesake character was very familiar.

Still, the former Beyonce backup dancer was nervous to bring her back to this new show for a live, high-stakes performance.

Performing a tango to the pop star's “Toxic” Monday, she made sure of her survival as the Dancing with the Stars results were announced.

Heather described the experience as such:

“I’m here to show my fans - and the rest of the world - more about who Heather really is and, to me, this seems like a step back in time."

That doesn't mean it was easy, though.

Morris was admittedly anxious, but “I think once we got on stage and did it, it felt so much more powerful and specific to what we were doing."

Heather Morris as Britney (DWTS)

There was also the Maks factor involved.

Pro Alan Bernsten was forced to become Morris’ temporary partner for the week as Maksim Chmerkovskiy recovers from a calf injury. 

“The key was really just focusing on each other," Bernsten said, "as opposed to everything that was happening in the ballroom."

While the Spears influence on the routine is obvious, they tried to really harness the power of the tango as opposed to Britney.”

“Yeah, we used Britney’s essence, but it was all about the dancing and making Heather shine,” he said, and there's no doubt he succeeded.

Heather, who is rumored to be feuding with Nancy Kerrigan, another top contender this season, earned her place near the top of the scoreboard.

Making Morris feel even more confident?

Heather Morris for DWTS

Former Glee co-star Naya Rivera supporting her in the audience, where Morris says she was more excited about the routine than anyone.

“She was, like, so fangirling before this whole thing."

"She was, like, ‘Oh my God! I’m obsessed!"

"This is my favorite! I love it!'” said Morris.

“We come from a completely different world with Naya and Kevin [McHale] and all of them, but they are so supportive," she went on.

Kevin, also a former Glee co-star, "is so stoked to come watch the show. It’s fun to bring them into this world.”

While some believe Morris on Dancing with the Stars is unfair, given her background, she certainly keeps you glued to the screen:

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