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We’ve observed and documented some impressive feats of celebrity weight loss over the years at The Hollywood Gossip.

Al Roker, John Goodman and Jonah Hill come to mind.

Simply put, however, we’ve never seen a body transformation before quite like that of former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star June Shannon.

June Shannon Thin Pic

And it’s clear we aren’t alone.

In the following clip from this Friday’s Mama June: From Not to Hot, the former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star heads to her ex-home in McIntyre, Georgia to flaunt her new figure for ex-husband Sugar Bear.

(The couple split in September of 2014 and share custody of Alana Thompson.)

Shannon’s personal trainer, Kenya Crooks, and her daughters come along for support. 

June tells the camera crew for her WE tv show:

“Just being back in McIntrye brings back a lot of bad memories. People who haven’t seen me in a couple of years are going to be shocked."

“Like, what the f-ck am I doing here?"

"That’s the house that I used to live in with the kids when Alana was little," Shannon reflects in the sneak peek.

"Yeah, they did a lot of work to the house and it looks better, but it’s still the same damn house."

"That house doesn’t serve good memories.”

Shannon then spots Sugar Bear and says she’s "nervous."

How will he react to the woman in front of him?

The following clip then depicts Shannon’s legs as she exits the car in a long red dress, along with Sugar Bear’s reaction in a confessional.

"Oh, sh-t," Suge says.

Sugar Bear in Shock

That says it all, right?

Shannon formerly weighed approximately 460 pounds; then she underwent gastric sleeve surgery and stuck to an intense diet and exercise regimen.

Her goal was to slim WAY down, and it seems fairly obvious to anyone who’s seen her lately that she accomplished that and then some.

She also endured several plastic surgeries, including excess skin removal on her neck and arms, along with a tummy tuck and a boob job.

Check out the season finale sneak peek and watch the infamous ursine specimen’s reaction, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, below!