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If you read The Bachelorette spoilers, you know that Hannah Brown’s drama continues well after the season wrapped filming.

Well, that’s a discussion for another day. The season is still heading down the home stretch in particularly insane fashion.

On yesterday’s new episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah’s group date showed Luke Parker dramatically losing his cool.

But it was the promo for next week thet stole the show, with Hannah giving Luke a piece of her mind an some TMI:

She has had sex!

During the show!

In a windmill!


An Excited Hannah
Photo via ABC

Despite throwing up red flags left and right, Luke Parker still has his unyielding handsomeness and faith-based connection to Hannah.

Those two factors are what have kept him in the running … until now. (No Bachelorette spoilers other than ABC’s own promo.)

In the teaser’s, Luke’s control issues and sexual hangups come directly into conflict with Hannah’s autonomy and human dignity.

He sits down with Hannah, saying: "So, let’s talk about sex."

Hannah Brown Doesn't Like What She's Hearing

"Okay," Hannah replies, smiling, probably wondering where this is going. Unfortunately, she soon learns the answer.

"Let’s say that you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys," Luke P says.

When he says multiple, he does that irritating laugh, as if scoffing at the absurdity of having sex with the people you’re dating.

As he speaks, you can see Hannah’s face fall dramatically. 

She does not like what she is hearing.

Hannah Brown is Shocked and Appalled
Photo via ABC

Luke continues: "I would completely remove myself from this relationship."

"How dare I be judged by a man," Hannah says.

Lecturing Luke some distance from that table, Hannah lays down the law.

"My husband would never say what you said to me," she informs him.

Hannah then adds: "I have had sex."

Luke awkwardly shuffles in his feet while looking down, displaying reluctance and discomfort like a kid being told that Santa isn’t real.

"And," Hannah says. "Honestly? Jesus still loves me."

Hannah Brown: You Probably Want to Leave ...

"Obviously, from how you feel," Hannah then informs him, smiling through her anger.

"Me f–king in a windmill," Hannah continues. "You probably – you probably want to leave."

Luke stares in astonishment. "Say what?"

"Yeah," Hannah replies.

This is … almost certainly one of the greatest moments, if not the greatest moment, of the entire season.

Even if you don’t hate Luke P as much as most of the Bachelor Nation do, watching Hannah say her piece is a delight.

Hannah Brown: I F--ked in a Windmill

"I f–ked in a windmill," Hannah tells the camera.

"And guess what?" her voiceover can be heard saying as Luke appears to ride away.

Hannah reveals: "We did it a second time."

She can also be seen flipping the bird as Luke rides off.

It turns out that women don’t like being slut-shamed, talked down to, or controlled by the men they’re dating. Who knew??

Hannah Brown in the Sun
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, Bachelor Nation lost its collective mind at this, forgetting about the other contestants and even Jed’s cheating scandal.

There are so many layers to this.

What’s most interesting is that the conflict between Hannah and Luke P. was hyped up as being along religious grounds.

The thing is that they’re both professed hardcore Christians who have even bonded over their shared faith.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown
Photo via Instagram

There are tons of different religions out there. This drama is about single-issue nitpicking between theologically similar people.

And, as many in the Bachelor Nation are pointing out, this seems to have less to do with Luke’s beliefs and more to do with his desire to control Hannah.

His toxic behavior with the other men has had viewers on edge all season. Most can’t wait to see Luke sent packing.

And "I f–ked in a windmill" is my new favorite sentence in the English language. Check out the clip below.