GOP Debate Bad Lip Reading: Don't Go Around the Tuna!

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You might think that the first Republican primary debate couldn't possibly get any funnier, but the folks at Bad Lip Reading are about to prove you wrong.

Yes, they've given you bad lip reads of the NFL and the priceless comedy of the Redneck Avengers, but now the BLR crew is taking on its easiest target yet: Trump.

Gone are the ridiculous attacks on Rosie O'Donnell. Instead, we get Trump's true feelings on tuna melts and more information than we'd like about what they do to his digestive tract.

There's also talk of dead mice on crescent rolls, Chris Christie's views on potatoes (He likes 'em!) and Rand Paul's thoughts on frozen babies.

Actually, that last one might be a topic the candidates actually touched on in the real debate. We're not sure; we tend to briefly lose consciousness after listening to the Donald speak.

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