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OMG, Kelly Clarkson is seriously the best.

The beloved singer just came out with what may be our favorite celebrity pregnancy announcement EVER, fighting off tears while on stage in Los Angeles on Wednesday night before blurting out to the crowd:

I’m totally pregnant.

"That was not how I wanted to announce that … I hate this song right now,” she joked while wiping away the watewords and adding:

“My makeup artist is backstage hating me right now. I just don’t want you to think I’m on pills or drunk.”

After finishing the track "Piece By Piece," Kelly then made us love her even more by saying:

"I’d like to apologize to my husband. That was not planned. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy or something. Honestly, I’m just so hormonal today. … I haven’t vomited yet. That is a freakin’ win, y’all."

Does it get any more real than Kelly Clarkson, who is already the mother to an adorable little girl named River Rose?

Watch the amazing announcement here… and send Clarkson your best!!!