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Teresa Giudice is known for explosive drama, and her feud with Jackie Goldschneider exemplifies that.

Her 20-year-old daughter, Gia, was drawn into this vicious fight in the worst way.

But Gia kept her cool, and asked her mom to apologize to Jackie.

It’s just a pity that Tre couldn’t take her daughter’s advice.

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In case you missed the first two episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season …

Teresa was spreading rumors, claiming that she had heard that Jackie’s husband was cheating on her.

The venue that she chose to circulate her accusations was his actual birthday party. Yikes.

Jackie Goldschneider Has Regrets
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Word got back to Jackie, of course, and she had a sit-down conversation with Teresa in "neutral territory."

There, she implored Tre to retract her words, but Teresa refused.

So Jackie fired back … fabricating a rumor on the spot that 20-year-old Gia liked to do coke at parties.

Gia Giudice Online
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Obviously, no one actually believes that Gia is a cocaine fiend by any means.

But obviously, this "analogy" enraged Teresa, and whatever people think of her, no one blames her for her reaction.

She ended up storming out in a fury.

Teresa Giudice and Gia Giudice Together
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On the season’s second episode, Jackie remained behind while the other Housewives went to the lake.

There, the same contentious topic kept coming up even without Jackie present.

And this is when viewers learned of the very wise advice that Gia had tried to impart upon her mother.

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“She said something about me," Gia noted over the phone.

She explained to Teresa: "She’s upset because you said something about her marriage."

“And not for nothing," Gia continued, "if you went about it in a s–tty way that upset her, then you should apologize."

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“I’m sure you weren’t happy when cheating rumors were going on about you and dad,” Gia reasoned.

“If you upset her," she implored her mom, "say sorry.”

Obviously, Teresa did not take her eldest daughter’s advice.

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Instead, Teresa continued to push the rumor that she had heard … taking it even further.

To the discomfort of several of her castmates, Teresa noted how upset Jackie was by the rumor.

She suggested that there must be some sort of truth to it, or Jackie wouldn’t have minded so much.

Melissa Gorga Speaks at the Reunion

Melissa Gorga got to brag about her niece on Watch What Happens Live.

"I feel like Gia sometimes take the place of the adult a lot of the time," she expressed.

Melissa added: "And Teresa always goes to her for advice. And it was great advice!"

Gia in a Bathing Suit

Many of us who are eldest siblings can relate to Gia in this moment.

Eldest siblings often carry special burdens, from emotional baggage to unwarranted responsibilities.

As a result, they are forced to grow up faster than their siblings and peers … and have really good advice to offer.

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Of course, this does mean that Gia might not make a prolific Real Housewife like her mother does.

Making good decisions and knowing how to quickly resolve conflict are vital life skills, but not ideal for reality television.

Teresa is messy and can be petty and quick to anger. Those are the hallmarks of a Real Housewife success.